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2nd Edition
by Leonard Walker

~ Available in Paperback ~


Daniel Ross, an Army Air Corps pilot trying desperately to abandon his stricken aircraft over the Dutch countryside during WWII, plummets down the throat of a rogue wormhole and hurls 70 years into the future before splashing into the sea. When he is rescued by Anna and her team, the two feel a powerful bond between them and lose their hearts to one another.

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From The Wormhole Effect...

    “Anna,” he said with a cold determination, “Your harness and chute can’t handle a tandem jump. We’d both be killed. But we’re already down to fifteen-thousand feet. At this rate of descent, all of you need to be out of here in about ninety seconds. My only chance is to flare this bird before she hits the ground. If I can slow the descent, maybe I can belly land her in the desert.”
   She could make out a faint smile on his face in the darkness as the floor seemed to fall faster beneath her. After a moment, she realized what Everett already knew. Without power, and with the wings extensions fully deployed, ten men didn’t possess the strength to pull the doomed airliner out of its death plunge.
   “Get out, Anna!” he shouted.

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