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A Mike Malone Detective Novel
Book 1

(2nd Ed)
by D.B. Woodling


What do three disgruntled ex-wives and a serial killer have in common? Mike  Malone, a cynical, rugged detective on the brink of psychosis. No one writes HIM off!

From WRITE OFF.... 

Detective Mike Malone opened the door to his captain’s office and smiled with all the sincerity of a twenty-dollar-hooker. The car theft sting had gone well despite his newly assigned partner. Mike suspected instead of backing him up as the gang’s lookout leveled his AK and sprayed bullets at him, Detective Winslow had panicked and laid low. Luckily, a stolen Cadillac Escalade shielded Mike from the lead rain, and he’d managed to pull the Smith and Wesson from his ankle holster and execute a perfect head shot before the jerk-off could fire again. It was only a matter of time before Internal Affairs discovered not only had he used his personal weapon but he’d also loaded it with black talon ammo; the latter definitely against department regulations.

Book 2 - Final Claim

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