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The Whaleboat Wars

Book 1
by Joe Freitus



Lieutenant Josiah Fitch is sent to assist a Yankee privateer in capturing English shipping at Sag Harbor, Long Island to provide needed military supplies for the Revolutionary Army. Sail with him as he does battle with ships at sea, fights Troy marines, and falls in love.


From Yankee Privateers...

   “The rebels, sire. They are everywhere in the fort!”
   “Nonsense. They would not be so bold as to attack this fort!”
   “I am sorry to hear you say that…ah, is it Colonel?” Fitch stated as he stepped into the room. His green Marine uniform attracted the full attention of the officer.
   “I am afraid you have me at a disadvantage,” the officer stumbled. “To whom do I have the pleasure of speaking?” he asked, attempting to recover his composure.
   Fitch motioned for his men to enter and directed them to search the rooms. “You know what you are looking for.” He then turned to the officer standing there in his nightshirt. “Sir, I am Lieutenant Josiah Fitch of the United States Marines. And you sir, are...?”
   “I, sir, am Colonel Fitzhugh McPartlan of His Majesty’s Royal Army. May I inquire as to your intentions?”

Book 2 - Yankee Privateers: The Keg Wars

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