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by Harvey Mendez

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An unassuming young pharmacist falls into a cave filled with deadly giant wasps. When he climbs out, he becomes Yellow Jacket, the Crimefighter, ready to right the evils of the world.

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From Yellow Jacket...

He glanced around the cavern. His eyesight shot through the darkness like a runaway meteor. He felt his hairy arms and legs. They were hard as railroad tracks. Leaping up, he hit his head on the ceiling of the giant cavern with such force, hundreds of brittle hives tumbled to the ground.

Hordes of wasps, yellow jackets, bees, and hornets shot into the mine and hovered around Lancio. The insects’ eyes lined the area like thousands of searchlights. Lancio gazed into the reflections and saw that his black hair had turned blond, almost yellow. His arms and legs shot out in self-defense, performing perfect martial arts katas. The insects buzzed louder, but did not touch him. Why didn’t they attack? It was like they paid homage to him. Like he was their master.

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