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A Phil Allman P.I. Novel
Book 3

by Brett Wallach

~ Available in Paperback ~

Bored and desolate, fortyish divorced Philadelphia Private Investigator Phil Allman begins an innocent, though questionable, dialogue with the pretty teen  Marci Downes.  Phil’s initial online “comments” of advice plunge into something deeper, as he descends into the abyss of forbidden love, put to the test when Marci is kidnapped.

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From Young Blood...

   Don’t call me Humbert. This isn’t Lolita in the Digital Age. Loneliness, more than anything else, trapped me. I can blame the Internet, questionable judgment, and good intentions. But loneliness is the real villain in this story. And she’s a bitch...
   I don’t even know how I connected to her video, it was just there. Anyone who’s done random, casual searching for anything on the Internet, whether for books, bathrobes, or babes, knows what I am talking about.
   No doubt she was cute. Not drop-dead gorgeous, or model material, but undeniably pretty, probably eighteen or so, but it was hard to tell. Her video was something of a confessional monologue, seemingly recorded from a cell phone in her room, complaining about the stresses in her life. Her voice had that quality of despair unique to teenage girls. She wore no makeup, dressed in sweats, and her spiky, uncombed brown hair reached out this way and that. This was not a video meant to tantalize or tease. It seemed mostly like a cry for help, or solace, or advice, or something, but not meant to entice. And having made my own cries that weekend for help, solace, and advice, albeit silent whimpers to no one, I immediately understood her angst like it was my own.

Book 4 - Freeze Out

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