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Title: The Adventures of Joe MacIntosh
Author: Bryant Arnold
Joe MacIntosh is a psychic investigator assigned and impossible task. It’s Joe’s job to track down and deal with the byproduct of the human race’s imagination. Assisted by a unique group called ‘The Council of Elders,’ Joe tackles the biggest job in his unnaturally long life.
Title: Amelia
Author: Harvey Mendez and Christie Shary
Thirty years after Amelia Earhart vanishes in the Pacific, Vincent Carlson, designer of her spy plane, now ex-CIA, still searches for the answer to her disappearance.
Title: Blood Cold [A Chris Black Adventure - Bk 2]
Author: James Lindholm
Chris Black, still recovering from the events of Into a Canyon Deep, has come to Cape Town to dive on a research project deep in False Bay. Black and his colleagues will once again find themselves immersed in violent intrigue above and below the ocean's surface.
Title: The Bear and the Bull
Author: Harvey Mendez
In this haunting tale in Old California, thirteen-year-old Ramon Montiel strives to save his beloved bull, Toro, from a fight with a marauding grizzly bear, a battle that would end in certain death for Toro.
Title: The Fabulosa Friends
Author: HJ Taylor
Legend’s High is a school for those with extraordinary gifts. When a new boy with a haunting past enrolls in the school, he plans to steal what the six Fabulosa friends deem dear… their super powers... and he’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants.
Title: A Fool's Disciple
Author: Donald C. Lee
Set in England and France in the year 1209, this picaresque, romantic, coming-of-age story of a young monk who becomes a knight is salted with a dash of fantasy and peppered with a sprinkle of philosophy.
Title: The Goatman
Author: Jeff Fuell
Danny Brent tells the story about his strange life and death adventure with his two best friends and how the Goatman saved his life.
Title: Into a Canyon Deep [A Chris Black Adventure - Book 1]
Author: James Lindholm
Chris Black has spent two decades searching for answers deep within the world’s oceans. He is no stranger to the risks of undersea life. Alongside Mac Johnson, his childhood friend and former Navy SEAL, Chris has cheated death above and below the surface more times than he can count. But nothing has prepared him for the violence he and his team encounter in their own backyard of Carmel-by-the-Sea; violence that will change the team forever.
Title: Jongen's Gift [In a Single Bound - Book 1]
Author: I.M. Tillerman
In 1952, when an eight-year-old, South Dakota farm boy is visited by a strange phenomenon in the sky, he wonders if he should tell anyone. But when the bizarre phenomena continues to occur, he eventually learns that though he feels the same, he has been given an extraordinary gift… the ability to fly!
Title: Beginning's End [In a Single Bound - Book 2]
Author: I.M. Tillerman
In book 2 of this trilogy about a farm boy who learns at age eight that he can fly, Jongen moves to the city. In this new setting, he must learn, both as a teenager and a young man in Marine Corps Boot Camp, how and when to use his gift.
Title: The Other Horizon
Author: Lee Bumbicka
Young stowaway Damian Grimes finds the legendary Library of Alexandria on a remote island that is shrouded in mystery. It is a wondrous place that holds the collective knowledge of the ages. But his pursuit of its hidden secrets exposes him to unimaginable dangers
Title: The Passionate Swordsman
Author: Elsan H. Stafford
England’s King George the Third’s popular reign has been frustrated by slave traders and pirates. So he commissions privateer Conrad Huntingdon to rid the seas of the evil blights upon humanity. Travel the high seas with Conrad and experience the swashbuckling highs and lows of a Privateer’s life. 
Title: Red Earth
Author: Harvey Mendez
Red Earth embodies the spirit of human endurance. This sweeping adventure depicts the heroism and determination of Traiko Ivanoff and his family against the Bulgarian Communists in 1958.
Title: Shadow Hawk Earth
Author: Richard Madison
As Lieutenant Jack Highland and his men battle to protect the Nazi Bell and keep it from the hands of the Soviet Empire, the new KGB employs every sinister trick to tip the scales. Family, sweethearts and the “Battle on the Ice” are all justified to obtain this scientific miracle.
Title: Yellow Jacket
Author: Harvey Mendez
An unassuming young pharmacist falls into a cave filled with deadly giant wasps. When he climbs out, he becomes Yellow Jacket, the Crimefighter, ready to right the evils of the world.
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