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Title: Irregular Joe
Author: Nancy Mure
Irregular Joe is a story about being unique in a family where everyone is named Joe in some form. The story cleverly uses homonyms and humor to teach similarities and differences.
Title: Jesus is Born
Author: Brenda O'Quinn
New wrinkles on an old story, Jesus is Born tells the simple truth of Christ’s birth in language that little children can understand. A story so exciting that it doesn’t need to be enhanced by a stable animal or sung by a star – the baby Jesus is delivered straight from the hand of God. No frills, no gimmicks; just God.
Title: Lady Bugs!
Author: Beth Szillagyi
Join Danny and his family as they learn how to garden and be good to the earth at the same time. From learning where the autumn leaves disappeared to that got tilled into the garden to visiting the local greenhouse, Danny has fun the way only he knows how!
Title: Laurel & Delphinus Save the Florida Coral Reefs
Author: Rhonda Edwards
No environmental mishap is too great for Laurel and Delphinus as they work with scientists and mythical entities! Meet this unique duo representing environmentalist groups worldwide as they take on their first rescue, the endangered Florida coral reefs.
Title: The Little Honey Bee
Author: Tracy Deptuck
The Little Honey Bee is a children's short story telling some of the importance of the bees existence. It is aimed towards children of all ages from 2 to 102.
Title: A Living Mascot
Author: Rhonda S. Edwards
A true story of an elementary school sharing the habitat of a family of bald eagles.


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