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Fantasy 2
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Title: Earth Angel
Author: Jeff Fuell
When Brian Bradford meets the Devil and God in the same week, it's just the beginning of a transformation for him and his teenage daughter.
Title: The Enchanted Harp
Author: Clinton Festa
Lillian Paisley lost her saintly mother when she was too young to remember. Her prayers are answered when her mother returns in the form of an enchanted concert grand harp. A fast-paced book filled with quirky characters, The Enchanted Harp is a story of love, humor, music, and miracles.
Title: Enemy Winter (Terrath - Book 2)
Author: Alan J. Garner
As the conflict between the Fellow Races escalates sides must be taken as Fate and Destiny struggle for control of Terrath.
Title: Exile
Author: Will Molinar
Omar Rabini travels from the land of his birth across the desert of Semonote to seek out the treasure of a long-forgotten king and meets up with two warring factions who both hold the key to unlocking of the greatest mysteries of the land.
Title: The Guardians: Angels, Demons & Mortals (Vol. 1)
Author: Stacy Thowe
Tasked as Alexandria’s protector in perilous times, Guardian Angel Michael is torn between his heavenly world and Alexandria’s world, even as Cainan, now fallen from grace, exercises his powers to tempt Michael to the Underworld. Michael valiantly pursues his task despairing that he is unable to join Alexandria except as her protector.
Title: The Guardians: At Hell's Gate (Vol. 2)
Author: Stacy Thowe
The Heavenly Army is faced with losing one of its most courageous leaders, Michael. The Guardians plan a rescue never before attempted as they travel through the Gates of Hell, led by the one person who can bring Michael back… the mortal, Alexandria. But will her love be enough to save him?.
Title: Goddess Child I (Vampire Bible)
Author: Justin Lee
When the president of the United States finds a benevolent vampire in the Oval Office, she learns that a madman intends to bring about Hell on earth and install himself as king. Only by joining together can the human and immortal races hope to survive.
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