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Fantasy 4
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Title: The Poisoned Princess (Warders - Book 1)
Author: Armen Pogharian
Forced to leave the elven forest because of his barbarian heritage, half-elven Toran finds work in a rundown tavern in Eridan’s thieves’ quarter. Combining his keen elven senses and barbarian battle skills, he thwarts an assassination attempt on a visiting princess and earns an invitation to join the secret protectors of Eridan, known as the Warde
Title: A Very Strange Land (Merryvale Adventures - Book 1)
Author: Steven Fisher
Description: Lorelei and Sarah receive a mysterious notice in the mail: MERRYVALE STABLES INVITES YOU TO A MOST SPECIAL SCHOOLING SHOW -OCTOBER 32nd- When is October 32nd? Find out in this, the first of three in the Merryvale series.
Title: Seeking Sarah (Merrryvale Adventures - Book 2)
Author: Steven Fisher
Lorelei seeks to find her way back home with the help of Godolphin, a magical horse. Will she find to her best friend, Sarah, before it's too late and she's trapped in Merryvale forever, cursed by an evil villain to forget everyone and everything she's ever loved?
Title: Mud, Muck & Myer (Merryvale Adventures - Book 3)
Author: Steven Fisher
Lorelei and Sarah return to Merryvale at the request of Merryvale (Merryvale is both a place and a person) to participate in the Extremely Steeplechase. Join them, Godolphin the magical horse, Mr. Quag Myer the mud-maker and Bark, the dog in the newest adventure in Merrvyale!
Title: The Necrotic Knight (Warders - Book 4)
Author: Armen Pogharian
The Mistress of Death resurrects the Necrotic Knight to claim the hammer of the underworld and free the Necromancer. The Knight's return unleashes ancient binding magic, compelling the Warders to partner with their arch-enemy the Chaotic Order and a mysterious grey-clad healer. Can they work together or will the Necromancer’s armies of undead overwhelm the world?
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