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Title: Banana Patch
Author: Michael David
An adventure in spirit, fantasy and fiction set in a mostly-idyllic Hawaiian hippie paradise. Take the trip to Banana Patch!
Title: The Bear and the Bull
Author: Harvey Mendez
In this haunting tale in Old California, thirteen year-old Ramon Montiel strives to save his beloved bull, Toro, from a fight with a marauding grizzly bear, a battle that would end in certain death for Toro.
Title: Before Banana Patch
Author: Michael David
Michael Jay takes a spiritual journey from Walla Walla, Washington, into the world of meditation, Eastern mysticism, and...Maui!
Title: Beginning's End [In a Single Bound - Book 2]
Author: I.M. Tillerman
In book 2 of this trilogy about a farm boy who learns at age eight that he can fly, Jongen moves to the city. In this new setting, he must learn, both as a teenager and a young man in Marine Corps Boot Camp, how and when to use his gift.
Title: Blood Cold [A Chris Black Adventure - Book 2]
Author: James Lindholm
Chris Black, still recovering from the events of Into a Canyon Deep, has come to Cape Town to dive on a research project deep in False Bay. Black and his colleagues will once again find themselves immersed in violent intrigue above and below the ocean's surface.
Title: The Blue Mosaic Vase
Author: Christie Shary
 An impoverished orphan boy named Mohammad is left with only the beautiful blue mosaic vase, a gift he once gave his mother, Mohammad begins his quest for identity, love and belonging, his life intertwining with three women in turn-of-the century Persia.
Title: The Blue Mosaic Vase
Author: Bertrand Jost
 When at the turn of the 21st century the stocks of internet and telecom startups broke all records of reason and decency, the bankers of this tech bubble quickly grew detached from the realities of the world that eventually triggered the collapse of the global economy.
Title: The Cat Came Back
Author: Dave Hinrichs
 When Mr. Parsen is placed under house arrest for stealing from his own bank, a writer interviews him for a novel he's planning to write about the crime. But Mr. Parsen drops hints during the interview that he cannot be trusted, raising the suspicion of the interviewer who suggests that he may be writing a different end to the story, one that involves deception, greed and murder.
Title: Cherokee Murders
Author: Harvey Mendez

Description: Losing her job after several young boys are murdered in Chicago, Kymberlee Shannon takes a teaching position in Cherokee, Arkansas—a small town of quirky characters, secrets, and steamy affairs.

Title: Coldfire
Author: Richard Madison

Description: Sheriff Matt Henderson must defend his town of Cory, Ohio from the invasion of a Mexican drug cartel. With the increasing frequency of murders in his own peaceful town, Matt and his department are under virtual siege from international criminals who would think nothing of murdering every man, woman and child who opposed their ugly scheme.

Title: Creatures of the Covenant (Broken Covenant: Book 1)
Author: J.S. Bradford
Deacon Tremont establishes a no-kill animal sanctuary in Utah that launches an undercover operation to expose a meat supplier before the conglomerate can take them down for protecting animal rights.


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