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Title: Final Claim [A Mike Malone Detective Novel]
Author: D.B. Woodling
After FBI Director Stanos is killed in a car bombing, Detective Mike Malone is determined to find his killer. His efforts hampered by the FBI, Malone eventually discovers a cover-up by a faction known only as The Committee and their chief objective...balancing the national budget at all costs.
Title: Flood: A Saga
Author: bf oswald
A catastrophic flood destroys a farm that has been in a family for three generations. Follow the story of this family and the impact the flood has on the land and the wildlife that live on it.
Title: The Footpath
Author: bf oswald
A footpath on the edge of a park in a small Arizona town is the setting for the beginning of a love affair and the terrifying ordeal that almost destroys it.
Title: For the Love of David
Sally Dixon
Anna and Ben are on their first foreign posting to Cairo when their six-year-old son gets kidnapped and the couples finds themselves caught up in a web of oil company politics set against a background of Islamic extremism.

Title: A Fool's Disciple
Donald C. Lee
Set in England and France in the year 1209, A Fool's Disciple is an absorbing novel of history, mystery and adventure filled with psychological overtones. This picaresque, romantic, coming-of-age story of a young monk who becomes a knight is salted with a dash of fantasy and peppered with a sprinkle of philosophy.
Title: The Gonzago Principle
Author: William Norris
What is the link between a philandering televangelist and the first man to set foot on Mars? Why should the President-elect attempt to conceal the identity of the man who kidnapped and murdered his infant son? And what on earth has all this to do with Charles Lindbergh, the Great American Hero?
Title: A Grave Too Many
Author: William Norris
Which grave is the true resting place of fighter pilot Andrew Weatherby Beachamp-Proctor? How can a body be buried in two places 6,000 miles apart? With a combination of research and imagination, William Norris has constructed an adventure story to match its hero's real-life exploits. Who knows - it might even be true.


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