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Title: The Lansing Project: Nowhere to Hide (2nd ed)
Author: Dory Maust
Iran launches a nuclear bomb at Israel and a radical Islamic regime occupies the United States of America, imposing Sharia Law. The Pakistani Taliban joins forces with al-Qaeda in the lawless tribal regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Concentration camps fill quickly with Jewish, Christian, African American, homosexual, mentally ill and physically handicapped human beings. Eugenics is on the rise again and one woman who holds the key to her freedom is locked behind the walls of amnesia.
Title: Last Flight of the Goose
Author: Joe Freitus
A single flight was the beginning of a harrowing escape from China to Australia during the war of 1942.
Title: Liberated in the Valley of the Kings
Mary Lukes Stamoulis
Description: Liberated in the Valley of the Kings peers inside the desperate life of one female victim trapped in the medieval world of the Islamic wife. Samia rises from the hot sands of Themes to be swept up into one of the most colossal historical events of the twentieth century.
Title: Lucky Dog: The True Story of a Little Mexican Street Dog Who Goes International
Author: Christie Shary
The humorous, heart-warming and adventurous true story of love, friendship and survival, as only an endearing little Mexico City street dog named Lucky could tell it.
Title: Murder in Mayberry: A Pleasing Shape (Book 1)
Author: I.M. Tillerman
Description: A seventy year-old man retires to Mayberry to discover that this supposedly peaceful town is not what he expected...
Title: Murder in Mayberry Revisited: All Hidden Things (Book 2)
Author: I.M. Tillerman
Description: In this sequel to Murder in Mayberry: A Pleasing Shape, Deputy Jason, still in the middle of a trial separation from his wife, finds himself in the middle of a heinous crime. This time, however, a double murder plunges him and Sheriff Taylor into investigation replete with red herrings and other surprises.
Title: Murder in Mayberry: Barney's Return (Book 3)
Author: I.M. Tillerman
Description: In the final book of the Murder in Mayberry trilogy, while Jason struggles to accept his recent divorce, Barney Fife returns to Mayberry to claim Jason’s job as Sheriff Taylor’s fulltime deputy. When one of Mayberry’s oldest, most disliked citizens is gruesomely murdered, the Sheriff’s Office swings into action.
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