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Title: Notes From Rainbow Bridge
Author: Beth Szillagyi
Rainbow Bridge is the tranquil place where animals go when their lives on earth are through. Cloe, a Samoyed dog on her last earthly adventure, has been assigned by her boss, Big Dog, to tell the humans about it.
Title: Not Look Back: A Memoir
I.M. Tillerman
Description: When a sixty-one year old man travels fifty years into the past to change the tragic, death of his beloved sister, he must decide whether or not it is wise to alter the past.
Title: On the Wings of the Wind: The Untold Story of History's First Flight
Author: Richard Kigel
In vivid detail adapted from authentic nineteenth century slave narratives, Josiah Brantley describes a harrowing, inspirational journey high above trees, roads and rivers, over the Allegheny Mountains, north to freedom.
Title: The Other Horizon
Author: Lee Bumbicka
In book 2 of this trilogy about a farm boy who learns at age eight that he can fly, Jongen moves to the city. In this new setting, he must learn, both as a teenager and a young man in Marine Corps Boot Camp, how and when to use his gift.
Title: Pop-Out Girl
Author: Irene Woodbury
While being stalked by a toxically jealous ex-boyfriend, a Las Vegas showgirl learns her real father was the victim of a drive-by shooting. Did her ex pull the trigger? Were the bullets really meant for her new boyfriend? Fasten your seatbelts… Pop-Out Girl has plenty of twists and turns..
Title: Red Earth
Author: Harvey Mendez

Description: Red Earth embodies the spirit of human endurance. This sweeping adventure depicts the heroism and determination of Traiko of and his family against the Bulgarian Communists in 1958. 
Title: Relics of the Covenant (Book 2)
Author: J.S. Bradford
When a grave robber offers to sell the bones of legendary Chief Crazy Horse to the highest bidder, Xavier DuBois, veteran Homeland Security investigator, steps in to make a bid of his own. Can the lost bones of Chief Crazy Horse be recovered?
Title: The Rental
Author: bf oswald
One man imagines the various tenants a certain rental property in Florida must've had over the years...


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