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Title: Not Look Back: A Memoir
I.M. Tillerman
Description: When a sixty-one year old man travels fifty years into the past to change the tragic, death of his beloved sister, he must decide whether or not it is wise to alter the past.
Title: The Other Horizon
Author: Lee Bumbicka
Young stowaway Damian Grimes finds the legendary Library of Alexandria on a remote island that is shrouded in mystery. It is a wondrous place that holds the collective knowledge of the ages. But his pursuit of its hidden secrets exposes him to unimaginable dangers.
Title: Pop-Out Girl
Author: Irene Woodbury
While being stalked by a toxically jealous ex-boyfriend, a Las Vegas showgirl learns her real father was the victim of a drive-by shooting. Did her ex pull the trigger? Were the bullets really meant for her new boyfriend? Fasten your seatbelts… Pop-Out Girl has plenty of twists and turns..
Title: Red Earth
Author: Harvey Mendez

Description: Red Earth embodies the spirit of human endurance. This sweeping adventure depicts the heroism and determination of Traiko of and his family against the Bulgarian Communists in 1958. 


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