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Fiction 8
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Title: Sunset Tomorrow
Author: E. Ervin Tibbs
Jude and his friends are considered misfits by normal society; they live at the bottom of the economic and social scale and do so by choice. Although they are jobless, penniless and without much hope, they take on an impossible task. Before sunset tomorrow they must raise enough money to buy a birthday present for a sick little boy. This simple act of compassion becomes their quest. If they succeed, it will change their lives forever.
Title: Sword of the Jihad
Author: Richard Madison
FBI Agent Jake Chrome and his team are charged with eliminating Islamic extremist Ali Ben Saleem…. Hopefully before the deadly commander can bleed the Homeland. But what Jake doesn’t know is that Ali has put Jake’s young family in the crosshairs of the Sword of the Jihad…
Title: Teufel-Hunden: Devil Dogs
I.M. Tillerman
Description: In Marine Corps Boot Camp, an 18-year-old recruit learns that the life of a friend and fellow recruit is in jeopardy at the hands of a violent and seemingly mentally disturbed drill instructor.
Title: Trolley Square
Debra Laino
Description: A satirical, contemporary, sexy series aimed at capturing the plight of the modern women in her quest for love.


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