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Title: Vincent and A.E. (A Prequel to AMELIA)
Author: Harvey Mendez
This romantic, historical adventure tells the story of what might have happened to Amelia Earhart. It is a drama of spies, intrigue, betrayal, and never-ending love.
Title: What's Sex Got to do With It
Author: Jaqueline Girdner Description:
There's nothing like a couple’s counselor hearing her new fiancé might be her half-brother to ruin their engagement party. And now our counselor has to find out if the hereditary allegations are true…
Title: Willful Misconduct
Author: William Norris
On January 30, 1974, the pilot of a Pan American World Airlines Boeing 707 jet carrying 101 passengers and crew flew his plane into the jungle instead of the airport at Pago Pago, Samoa. Four survived to tell of it. But with so many questions following the crash, investigative reporter William Norris follows the trail of evidence to dig beneath the cover-ups to find the truth.
Title: Young Blood [A Phil Allman P.I. Novel] (Book 3)
Author: Brett Wallach
Bored and desolate, fortyish divorced Philadelphia Private Investigator Phil Allman begins an innocent, though questionable, dialogue with the pretty teen Marci Downes. Phil’s initial online “comments” of advice plunge into something deeper, as he descends into the abyss of forbidden love, put to the test when Marci is kidnapped.


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