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eBooks - Historical
Title: A Bridge at Concord
Joe Feitus
Description: Concord Minuteman John Fitch is called to duty when he receives word that the British Regulars are marching to Concord from Boston to destroy military supplies. He is one of the Minutemen who confront Captain Laurie and his 114-man unit at the North Bridge, forcing the British to retreat!
Title: El Tigre: The Life and Times of El Tigre Viejo
John H. Manhold
Description: The life of Johann Heinrich von Manfred, a young Prussian who became a Texan, a Californian and then an American in the post-Napoleonic Era.
Title: Flight of Valor: Based on the True Story of Lt. Col. Robert Patterson's Heroism
Harvey Mendez
Description: Lt. Robert Morrison Patterson was a Marine Aviator home on leave when he met Mary Jean Waldref and fell in love. But she was not yet ready to settle down. When the war was over, he came home to pursue her, but she was still seeing other men. When the Korean War broke out and he was assigned a dangerous combat mission, would he survive and see Mary Jean again?
Title: Jenny's Homecoming
Author: Christie Shary
Description: The heartwarming story of young love lost to war; the mourning of this special love, and finally, love regained. Set against the wild and rugged beauty of Grand Teton National Park in northwestern Wyoming, ‘Jenny’s Homecoming’ tells the story of Jenny McFadden, a part-Shoshoni Indian school teacher and war widow.
Title: Josiah
Author: Joe Freitus
Description: Take musket in hand and join Josiah, a freed black man, as he experiences the adventures of the Cherokee, Virginia and Kentucky frontiers, romance and the beginning of the French and Indian war in 1754.
Title: The Junkman
Author: Joe Freitus
Shot down during World War Two, Captain Brick Mosconi survived by parachuting into the barren countryside of Tuscany, Italy. Hidden from the Germans by locals, he meets and falls in love with a Contessa. But can he make it home to salvage the battlefield scrap… and one day return to his beloved?
Title: Last Flight of the Goose
Author: Joe Freitus
Description: A single flight was the beginning of a harrowing escape from China to Australia during the war of 1942.
Title: Liberated in the Valley of the Kings
Author: Mary Lukes Stamoulis
Description: Liberated in the Valley of the Kings peers inside the desperate life of one female victim trapped in the medieval world of the Islamic wife. Samia rises from the hot sands of Themes to be swept up into one of the most colossal historical events of the twentieth century.
Title: LOBO: The Strange Life of William Jameson
Author: John H. Manhold
Description: From the Oregon Trail to England and New Orleans, William lives a very strange life...including time spent in Cheyenne captivity, falling for a Creole paramour, entering the Civil War and living through the Reconstruction Era.
Title: The Passionate Swordsman
Author: Elsan H. Stafford
England’s King George the Third’s popular reign has been frustrated by slave traders and pirates. So he commissions privateer Conrad Huntingdon to rid the seas of the evil blights upon humanity. Travel the high seas with Conrad and experience the swashbuckling highs and lows of a Privateer’s life. 
Title: A Place Called Groton
Author: Joe Freitus
Take musket in hand and step back into early Colonial history to A Place Called Groton, Massachusetts Bay Colony. Among the first English settlers in 1655 were Samuel and Rebecca Reed, who would go on to successfully endure the hardships of the frontier, raise two children and survive the brutal King Philip War.
Title: The Saint's Mistress
Author: Kathryn Bashaar
In fourth-century North Africa, peasant girl Leona falls in love with a Roman aristocrat - the future Saint Augustine. Their story unfolds against the backdrop of Rome’s fall and Christianity’s rise. Drawn from Augustine’s autobiography, The Saint’s Mistress breathes life into the previously untold story of his beloved mistress.
Title: The Secret of Atalaya (Book 1)
Author: Rhonda S. Edwards
Three cousins find a secret hidden deep in the walls of Atalaya, the summer home of Anna and Archer Huntington, who once owned slaves.
Title: Shadow War in Crete
Author: Mary Lukes Stamoulis
The year is 1939, and is engulfed in World War II. Amalia’s story becomes entwined with intelligence agents and the guerilla “shadow warriors” – the Greeks, British and Anzacs who hid in mountain caves, descending at night to wreak havoc on the Nazis who occupied Crete for four years.
Title: Till I Come Marching Home
Author: Elsan H. Stafford
Scott Kilmeade backsteps through time and travels the now-ravaged cities of war-torn France – not only to rejoin the past and restore the vacant slate of his mind, but to recapture what at present remains a nagging fragment of one visionless memory: the certain knowledge that once, in a life not so long past, he had been deeply and irrevocably in love.
Title: Winged Coronet
Joe Freitus
Description: Relive the days just before the Normandy invasion with Marie Decaux who volunteers as a spy for the British Secret Intelligence. She lands in Normandy six months before the Allied invasion to locate a mysterious German radar site and survives to become a witness to the invasion by British troops at Sword Beach.
Title: Yankee Privateers: The Whaleboat Wars (Bk 1)
Author: Joe Freitus
Lieutenant Josiah Fitch is sent to assist a Yankee privateer in capturing English shipping in Long Island. Sail with him as he does battle with ships at sea, fights Troy marines, and falls in love.
Title: Yankee Privateers: The Keg Wars (Bk 2)
Author: Joe Freitus
Join the privateers as they become participant’s in one of the most dramatic changes in warfare, during the Revolutionary War. The whaleboat privateers employ a new weapon devised by David Bushnell, the floating keg mine. Learn how the direction of history is changed forever.
Title: Yankee Privateers: Black Swan (Bk 3)
Author: Joe Freitus
During the the terrible winter of 1778-79, the colonies were punished with several fierce Northeasters and record snow falls. The town of Colebrook weathered the harsh winter only to have a black schooner known as the Black Swan appear and bombard them. Seeking revenge, Aaron Tarbell and Josiah Fitch hunt the schooner in the northern waters of Nova Scotia.


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