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Title: 50 Frogs, 5 Babes and a Bulldog
Author: Susan Culp
Five 50-plus women are looking for good men in today’s dating world. After Sandy Applegate comes up with a plan based on the concept that “you have to kiss 50 frogs before you find your prince,” things start to get very interesting….
Title: Anger Mis-Management
Author: Chuck Bordell
Bordell dissects (sometimes destroying) topics near and dear to our hearts, including U.S. government, racism, rock music, cloning, reality TV, religion, Bush, criminal athletes, sex education and art, among many others.
Title: Bad Signs: A Humorous Look at Astrological Signs
Author: Jeanne Evans
A tongue-in-cheek guide to astrology that documents the legends behind each sign, including the heroes and villains in each story, most revolving around the Greek god, Zeus. Naturally, any portrayal of unpleasant traits attributed to the different signs are meant to depict other people’s nasty habits… not those of people such as you and I.
Title: The Badger Game
Author: William Norris
Hot on the heels of the latest presidential news comes this hilarious account of the Presidential election as it might have been. A Mafia boss trying every trick in the book to seize the Presidency of the United States. The story is set - where else? - in Florida. Which just goes to show that authors can sometimes be more prescient than they realize.
Title: Betcha Didn't Know
Author: Cynthia MacGregor
If you love wordplay and/or humor you’ll feel right at home. This com-pun-dium of miss-inflammation will tickle your funnybone and arouse your risibilities.
Title: Cobwebs in the Broiler: The Adventures of a Very Wicked Step Mother
Author: Beth Szillagyi
Val Szabo thought being the first woman sheet metal worker in her local was a tough job. As it turns out, being the "wicked" stepmother to two kids is the hardest thing she's tackled yet.
Title: Damned If I Dotage: A Boomer Faces 50 
Author: John Ronan
Whether you were born in the 50's or know someone who is, you will enjoy this nostalgic book about those who are known as the 'baby boomers.' Check out major news events that occurred in the 1950's; see what celebrities share your birthday; take quizzes, review films and novels, read short stories and much more..
Title: Hey, Lady! Your Tin Snips are Showing
Author: Beth Szillagyi
Enter a world where men – supposedly - rule and women aren't usually welcome; Ms. Szillagyi shows us the real truth behind the construction business... the good, the bad, and the hilarious.
Title: Odd Angles: The Short Stories of Steven Fisher
Author: Steven Fisher
Human beings are odd in every way in Steven Fisher's expanded collection of short stories.
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