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Title: The A to Z of Practical Wisdom
Author: Sierra Roberts
Full of practical ideas to improve your life, The A to Z of Practical Wisdom blends life coaching and spirituality, making it an ideal book for those searching for guidance and inspiration in their lives
Title: The Day I Woke Up as an Ostrich
Author: Kristi Sayles
A wonderful collection of short stories, poems, songs; and a provocative look at how some quotes from the Bible have been misquoted.
Title: How to Be a Successful Failure or How to Be a Winning Loser
Author: Michael David
HOW TO BE A SUCCESSFUL FAILURE deals with our cultural model of success and failure, winning and losing and the pain and suffering associated with this model as it relates to our own self-image(s) and to our society in general. Author Michael David offers a kinder, more compassionate and inclusive model, whereby everyone is a successful winner.


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