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Title: The Counterfeit Count (The Warders - Book 2)
Author: Armen Pogharian
Description: Adara dreams of joining the Warders, a secret society that protects Eridan. During her field exam in allied Creuse, she spies her trainer Geren, attacking local guards. Is it part of her test? To find out she enters the dangerous world of Creusean politics with two runaway children, as guides..
Title: Demon's Debt (The Warders - Book 5)
Author: Armen Pogharian
Description: Aided by the unleashing of demons and an undead elven sorceress, an elvish cult strives to revive the secrets of dark elven sorcery. Outmaneuvered at the High Council, two elves break generations of isolation and seek the aid of outsiders. How will the Warders answer their call?
Title: Love Happens
Author: Vince Nolan
Ramses El Djinn is a genie who falls in love with his master. But when he tells his bride what he is, he’s surprised to find out that she’s a witch. Neither of their fathers is happy with this mixed marriage. Can their love survive? Can wishes make things better…or worse?
Title: Moshe
Author: Andrew Montante
From Eden to the underworld, can a fallen tribe of humans find their way back to where they truly belong? Of course, their journey is fraught with obstacles: Sheol’s humanoid hybrids, evil spirits, titans, magic, and prophecy. Using mystical gems Moshe leads his clan through those challenges with humility, grace, bravery, and finally... love.
Title: The Necrotic Knight (Warders - Book 4)
Author: Armen Pogharian
The Mistress of Death resurrects the Necrotic Knight to claim the hammer of the underworld and free the Necromancer. The Knight's return unleashes ancient binding magic, compelling the Warders to partner with their arch-enemy the Chaotic Order and a mysterious grey-clad healer. Can they work together or will the Necromancer’s armies of undead overwhelm the world?
Title: The Poisoned Princess (Warders - Book 1)
Author: Armen Pogharian
Forced to leave the elven forest because of his barbarian heritage, half-elven Toran finds work in a rundown tavern in Eridan’s thieves’ quarter. Combining his keen elven senses and barbarian battle skills, he thwarts an assassination attempt on a visiting princess and earns an invitation to join the secret protectors of Eridan, known as the Warde
Title: Supreme Tiger, Princess Dragon
Author: Frank D. Rogers
In the Land of Clouds there is peace… peace kept and celebrated with a generational tribute to the dragon queen. Princess Jun has dedicated her life to continuing this peace. All is well… until she meets Yusain, a man who threatens to destroy the peace, as well as steal her heart...


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