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Title: City of Gods [Book 3 of the Teadai Prophecies]
Author: Dana Davis
Description: Grieving Gypsy and Sage kin continue searching for a way to save their world. But the yellow-eyed woman hides somewhere in the darkness, waiting, and she won't be sated until she overpowers them all.
Title: Deadly Fate [Teadai Prophecies Bk 1]
Author: Dana Davis
What do a mysterious woman, a tavern wench who counts to calm her fears, and several annoying adolescents have in common? They are destined for a magical and uncertain future together, as Gypsies. Whether they want it or not.
Title: Desert Magick: Day of the Dead [Book 3]
Author: Dana Davis
Disturbing things are going on in the afterlife and Daisy is the unfortunate focus. The Day of the Dead becomes more than a holiday for this Arizona witch, and her new secret just might send her to an early grave.
Title: Desert Magick: Dream Catcher [Book 2]
Author: Dana Davis
Just when her life seems to be returning to normal, a young cousin recruits witch Daisy for a struggle that will determine humanity’s fate.
Title: Desert Magick: Superstitions [Book 1]
Author: Dana Davis
When a dangerous entity haunts Arizona native Daisy Hammel-Kavanaugh, she must use her talents as an inherent witch to save herself and those she loves.
Title: Desert Magick: Phoenix Lights [Book 4]
Author: Dana Davis
While Bridgette worries about the darkness she senses in an old friend, Daisy struggles with her new medium powers and the knowledge that she let a murderous spirit loose on the living world.
Title: Oberon Boxed Set #1: Welcome to Oberon! [Books 1-3]
Author: P.G. Forte
There’s something magical about the California Coast town. Oberon’s idyllic setting makes it a perennial favorite with tourists, but danger lurks beneath the bright surface and things there are seldom what they seem. Visitors and residents alike find their lives forever changed by mystery, romance and intrigue.
Bk 1: Scent of the Roses / Bk 2: A Sight to Dream Of  / Bk 3: Sound of a Voice That is Still
Title: Oberon Boxed Set #2: Return to Oberon! [Books 4-6]
Author: P.G. Forte
Welcome back to bewitching Oberon, California! In this small, coastal town anything can happen here – and all too often it does! Clinging to corrugated cliffs above a windswept beach, and isolated amid a tangled network of canyons and creeks, Oberon can be a hard place to get to. But as all too many visitors have learned over the years, it can be an even harder place to leave behind.
Bk 4: A Taste of Honey / Bk 5: Touch of a Vanished Hand / Bk 6: The Spirit of the Place
Title: Oberon Boxed Set #3: Happily Ever After in Oberon! [Books 7-9]
Author: P.G. Forte
Mystical forces are once again at work in Oberon, the quirky small town set amid the beaches, wineries and forests of California’s Central Coast. Evil has come home to roost, an evil that threatens everyone’s happy endings and that brings with it a darkness that only love can dispel.
Bk 7: Visions Before Midnight /  Bk 8: Dream Under the Hill / Bk 9: And Shadows Have Their Ending
Title: Psychic Self-Defense and Protection - 2nd ed.
Author: John Culbertson
In Psychic Self-Defense and Protection, Shamanic practitioner and spiritual teacher John Culbertson teaches us that we live in a world of energy and, like it or not, psychic or energy attacks are part of that world. This book gives tips on how to protect yourself from daily negativity.
Title: Sage Truth [Teadai Prophecies - Book 2]
Author: Dana Davis
Enemies seem to be growing with every sunrise, and when the Gypsy kin are captured by an elusive enemy, they fear they will die. There is hope, though, as they gather allies from unexpected places. .
Title: Supreme Tiger, Princess Dragon
Author: Frank D. Rogers
In the Land of Clouds there is peace… peace kept and celebrated with a generational tribute to the dragon queen. Princess Jun has dedicated her life to continuing this peace. All is well… until she meets Yusain, a man who threatens to destroy the peace, as well as steal her heart...
Title: The Teadai Prophecies Trilogy [Books 1-3]
Authors: Dana Davis
What do a mysterious woman, a tavern wench who counts to calm her fears, and several annoying adolescents have in common? They are destined for a magical and uncertain future together. Whether they want it or not. For millennia, Gypsies have harnessed the Energy, allowing them to perform incredible feats of magic. Ready or not, the prophesied New Age is upon them, and they must overcome a growing list of enemies or disappear forever.


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