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Title: Amelia
Authors: Harvey Mendez and Christie Shary

Description: Thirty years after Amelia Earhart vanishes in the Pacific, Vincent Carlson, designer of her spy plane, now ex-CIA, still searches for the answer to her disappearance.
Title: Angels in Disguise [Hawkman Bk 8]
Author: Betty Sullivan La Pierre
Hawkman has reservations about a unique grandmother who reads strange books, and a butcher's daughter who keeps him in turmoil. Romance, hate, frustration and many more emotions keep you turning the pages.
Title: And I Love Her [A Phil Allman P.I. Novel Bk 2]
Author: Brett Wallach
Private investigator Phil Allman tackles the most important and agonizing case of his career in And I Love Her, a noir glimpse into a marriage gone bad. Someone killed Allman’s ex-wife… and that someone may be Allman himself. Through twists, turns, and several other murders, the Philadelphia police force comes to believe that Allman is the most likely killer.
Title: The Archer [Hawkman Bk 13]
Author: Betty Sullivan La Pierre
Hawkman finds himself involved in the case of the young farm girl, which sends him into the world of archery.
Title: Blackout (Hawkman Book 5)
Author: Betty Sullivan La Pierre
More than a game ensues when Destiny Wilson disappears from the White Oaks Bingo hall. Her father, Jesse seeks the help of Hawkman and the hunt is launched.
Title: Broken Silence (Hawkman Book 15)
Author: Betty Sullivan La Pierre
Annie and Babs Smith, along with their dog, Lucy, are being held hostage. Detective Chandler and his officers, trek through the wooded hills with Hawkman in search of the foursome, to no avail. With the help of Hawkman’s new friend Harmon, and his helicopter, they are able to corner the group… but will that be enough to end the trauma?
Title: Buying the Bangkok Girl
Author: Phil Smith
Take a recent college graduate, a rich widow who can manipulate objects mentally, and a tough-as-nails ex-prostitute from Thailand, and what do you get? A murder mystery that is also an excursion through the gambling industry and a race for life in the San Gabriel Mountains.
Title: Cause for Murder
Author: Betty Sullivan La Pierre

Description: When it's discovered Burke Parker might have been poisoned, Hawkman finds the investigation leading him in all directions as he deals with an Indian man who's killed once before, and an abused daughter and wife, all who have excellent motives for murder.
Title: The Cherokee Murders
Author: Harvey Mendez
Losing her job after several young boys are murdered in Chicago, Kymberlee Shannon takes a teaching position in Cherokee, Arkansas—a small town of quirky characters, secrets, and steamy affairs.
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