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Mystery 2
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Title: Dark Secrets of the Heart
Author: Margaret Marr
Caught between the love of two men—one a rough country boy, the other a wild city boy—Anna’s life becomes endangered when someone follows Chris to his hideaway—someone with deadly vengeance in their heart—who will stop at nothing to take Anna out of the equation and hit Chris where it hurts the most.
Title: Deadly Cleansing
Author: Melissa Leigh
A serial murderer strikes fear into the heart of Albuquerque when yet another woman is found tossed away in the garbage. Detectives Mireya Ramirez and Mike Chavez hunt for even the slightest lead, but this methodical killer covers his tracks. Then Mireya disappears and Ramirez fears she may be his next victim...
Title: The Deadly Thorn
Author: Betty Sullivan La Pierre
When Sally Oliver discovers her husband of only three months has murdered his two previous wives, she flees for her life. When she finds out his third wife is helping the police, the 3 women take matters into their own hands disguise themselves to track Jimmy down.
Title: Diamonds AREN'T Forever [Hawkman - Book 6]
Author: Betty Sullivan La Pierre
Jamey Louise Schyler, the knockout blonde who eluded Hawkman in ‘DIRTY DIAMONDS’, returns in this new adventure. But this time, their roles take on an unexpected twist and Hawkman finds himself caught in the middle of a vindictive relationship. Now, keeping Jamey alive becomes his priority.
Title: Did You Say Grandmother is a Kidnapper? [Sunset Investigations - Vol. I]
Author: Sharon Kull

Description: The Sunset Investigations agency is in turmoil. Not only are they without a girl-friday, but their newest client is behaving very suspiciously. The case involves a missing toddler, who Detectives Marcus Ryan and Frank Curtis are told was destined to be sold by her father….
Title: Dirty Diamonds [Hawkman Book 4]
Author: Betty Sullivan La Pierre
Jamey is lured by a computer hacker into committing a diamond heist. Before he's shot by the diamond courier, Carl manages to transfer the jewels to Jamey. She escapes before the police arrive.When Jamey’s house gets ransacked and her cat almost killed, Hawkman takes on the case. Can he find enough evidence to convict Carl Hopkins before he kills her?
Title: Double Trouble [Hawkman Book 2]
Author: Betty Sullivan La Pierre
Nancy Gilbert is terrified that she is going to be killed by the same person who killed her sister, and she comes to Hawkman for help to find the killer.
Title: Down & Dirty [Maxcine & Isabel - Vol. 2]
Author: Sharon Kull
While on an exercise walk, spunky Maxcine and Isabel find loot stuffed in a pillow case and become involved in a crime wave. But they aren't about to turn the jewelry over to the cops, as that would mean thwarting a pending adventure…


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