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Title: Grail Tale
Author: J.S. Bradford

Description An inspirational mystery revolving around the seemingly inexplicable discovery of the Holy Grail in a rehabilitation clinic in downtown Los Angeles.
Title: Grave Keeper: Dark of the Moon [Book 1]
Author: Margaret Marr

Description A war vet, EMT, and waitress rush against the clock to find a young woman before the Creepers steal her last breath.
Title: Grave Keeper: Lucifer in Starlight [Book 3]
Author: Margaret Marr

Description Helena Page is kidnapped, Rush is blind, and Brody and Janie are their only hope for rescue from a disturbed captor and a haunted house that’s driving Helena mad.
Title: Grave Keeper: Rage Against the Dying Light [Book 2]
Author: Margaret Marr

Description Billy returns to Hayton County and ends up in a dark place with bullet holes in his body. Once again it’s up to Rush to find the young man before the Creepers reach the grave where one of the victim’s relatives is buried.
Title: Grave Web [Hawkman Book 10]
Betty Sullivan La Pierre
Private Investigator, Tom Casey, better known as Hawkman, took on a fifteen year old cold case presented to him by Becky Simpson. Little did he realize the twists and turns this investigation would take. When he decided to dig up the rose garden at the Simpson house, he came upon a startling discovery, which brought in the police.
Title: Half a Dozen [Sunset Investigations - Vol. 3]
Author: Sharon Kull

Description: If Detectives Ryan and Curtis, partners in Sunset Investigations, aren't trying to find the reason a new mother was murdered, they're after a jewelry thief, or stalker.
Title: Hershel & Gavin [Maxcine & Isabel - Vol. VI]
Author: Sharon Kull
After ten years, Hershel and Gavin make good their escape from a nursing home somewhere In New Jersey. Without a nickel to their names, the goal is to get to Hawaii before a hurricane strikes.
Title: In for the Kill [Hawkman Book 9]
Author: Betty Sullivan La Pierre
Hawkman is assaulted, his house set afire and his wife threatened. Who is doing this to him and why? And what does a ‘Ragdoll’ cat named Miss Marple have to do with this story?
Title: I Spy... With My Third Eye
Author: Shari S. Cain
One child dead. One child missing. And Detective Andy Baker happened to pick Reggie Whitney to help with the case, not knowing her special talents were just what was needed to solve the case and bring Carrie Raines safely home.
Title: Jesse Garon [A Phil Allman P.I. Novel Book 1]
Author: Brett Wallach
Description: Private Investigator Phil Allman is in pursuit of Jesse Garon Presley, the heretofore thought stillborn twin brother of Elvis Presley. Along the way, Allman also seeks wealth, family stability, and love, not to mention the perpetrator(s) of three murders as he travels from his hometown of Philadelphia to New York City to the New Jersey shore, and ultimately to Memphis.
Title: Julia's Room
Author: William Wilde
Description: A woman who once spent years being held captive in a basement room is being menaced by someone all over again.
Title: Laugh Not [Sunset Investigations Vol. 6]
Author: Sharon Kull
The detectives of Sunset Investigations solve a hit and run mystery, find a stolen horse and learn the identity of a territorial werewolf before he slaughters someone else.
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