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Title: The Lure of the Witch [Hawkman Bk 11]
Author: Betty Sullivan La Pierre
While investigating the case of Sarah Willis, a missing teenager, Hawkman and his wife discovered secrets of a cheerleader who went on a rampage at school while in a jealous rage over her boyfriend.
Title: Maxcine & Isabel [Maxcine & Isabel - Vol. 1]
Author: Sharon Kull Description:
The Sykes sisters are resigned to the fact of being interviewed by St. Peter’s emissary, it's just that Angela seems so, so dumb. Still, the blonde's recommendation is needed if Maxcine and Isabel will be allowed to cheat and get into Paradise out of turn.
Author: Christopher Carr
Description: After 40 years of guilt and anger, “he” begins killing the men he believes are responsible: The members of the protest groups, and the men that put him on campus in the first place...
Title: The Ming Thing [Maxcine & Isabel - Vol. 4]
Author: Sharon Kull Description:
A vase, a slick Chinese man, drug smuggling, a sister-in-law dragging a stuffed bird around, spending the night in a spooky motel, a blazing warehouse. What a fun time Maxcine and Isabel are having as they sleuth in earnest.
Title: Moonshine Murder [Hawkman - Book 14]
Author: Betty Sullivan La Pierre
Hawkman finds himself involved in moonshine stills, a disappearing family, and solving another murder.
Author: Betty Sullivan La Pierre
When the CEO of the Nevers Computer Technology Company is murdered, Detectives Hoffman and Maxhimer suspect the president. Further investigation proves the financial books have been tampered with and Conners was embezzling large amounts of money from the company.
Title: The Phoenix Protocol
Author: Leonard Walker
The DNA of history’s giants rests quietly in graves all over the world. A revolution in technology can now awaken them. When science can raise the dead, who will return?.
Title: The Philosopher's Stone
Author: E. Ervin Tibbs
When Aztec gold is stolen and the archeologist who discovered it is found murdered, Kyle Brinhaven and his Apache stepfather, Joe Tincup work together to find the killer.
Title: Plumbing the Depths
Author: Dave Hinrichs
When Doc Shoennaeur stumbles upon a duffel bag full of money in a client's home, his life turns upside-down. Little did this plumber know that when drug dealer Victor Lasavage is released from prison, it's not good enough for him to track Doc down to get his money back... Victor won't be satisfied until he destroys Schoennauer and everything he loves.
Title: Return to Cherokee
Author: Harvey Mendez
Five years after Al Madison is killed, Sheriff Duke zeroes in on the town’s killers until Mad King Ludwig, Rolf Wolf and his long-time lover Viktoriya finally clash.
Title: The Secrets of Lakeview Manor
Author: R.K. Eden
When reporter Rachel Coller’s colleague dies under mysterious circumstances while visiting the Lake District, she sets off for the famous mountain range to find out why. Lakeview Manor sits at the centre of her investigation. The neglected ruin keeps the secrets of those who don’t want a reporter asking questions. Rachel quickly realises her own life is in danger.
Title: Shadows in the Night [Hawkman - Book 12]
Author: Betty Sullivan La Pierre
George and Maggie Hampton had three friends who died untimely deaths at Morning Glory Haven, a facility for the elderly and Hawkman is commissioned to look into these suspicious occurences.
Title: Shoe Marks
Author: Karen Vance Hammond
When Maggie Horton was murdered by her husband, she left her shoe marks, along with a broken heart. But there's one more thing she left behind... unfinished business.
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