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Mystery 6
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Title: Silent Obsession
Author: Chuck Kelly
Private Detective Charles "Curly," Morgan is used to dealing with intrigue. But when the mystery begins to involve his personal life,he's left to ponder if the present can haunt as desperately as age-old ghosts from years past.
Title: The Silent Scream [Hawkman - Book 3]
Author: Betty Sullivan La Pierre
Hawkman gets involved in the case of Richard, a seventeen-year-old deaf boy who is suspected of murdering his mother and dog. Can Hawkman protect him from the hatred and anger that threatens to destroy him?
Title: Sinister [Sunset Investigations - Vol. 5]
Author: Sharon Kull
A little boy has been kidnapped from his backyard. Detectives Marcus Ryan and Frank Curtis are soon made aware that the suspect has spent time in prison for child molestation. But is he the kidnapper?
Title: Skyjacked [Maxcine & Isabel - Vol. 3]
Sharon Kull
Description: Hawaii-bound in a charter plane, Maxcine, Isabel are at the mercy of terrorists. Their only alternative to being killed is being shot out of the sky by an Air Force F-15 jet or by space aliens.
Title: Susceptible [A Phil Allman P.I Novel Bk 5]
Brett Wallach
Description: Philadelphia Private Investigator Phil Allman explores the suspicious suicide of a man whose life uncomfortably mirrors his own, leading him to examine the value of his own existence.
Title: Swindle Me Sweetly [Maxcine & Isabel - Vol. 7]
Author: Sharon Kull
When their senile neighbor falls victim to a gang of land fraud swindlers, Maxcine and Isabel set out to make things right. Easier thought of than done, since awareness has them blundering into any number of swindles in progress.
Title: Time for Crime [Sunset Investigations - Vol. IV]
Author: Sharon Kull
Perplexing cases keep rolling in for Detectives Marcus Ryan and Frank Curtis to solve. Fortunately, there is now rookie, Kerby Kalko, to pitch in. Mrs. Patrick, the happy-go-lucky girl-friday, is more than determined to become a Detective, too.
Title: Vacation Spot [Maxcine & Isabel - Vol. 8]
Author: Sharon Kull
Maxcine and Isabel's determination to rescue their neighbor's cat from a thief leads to all kinds of surprises. The best one is enjoying a vacation at Laughing Horse Dude Ranch. Not that there is much to enjoy, since they find themselves gathering clues on an illegal alien smuggling operation.
Title: Waterfall of Youth [Maxcine & Isabel - Vol. 6]
Author: Sharon Kull
The Sykes sisters don't have a choice but to let their brother oversee the completion of their new house. It is critical for Maxcine and Isabel to drive across the country on business with an Elvis impersonator underfoot.
Title: Young Blood [A Phil Allman P.I. Novel] (Book 3)
Author: Brett Wallach
Bored and desolate, fortyish divorced Philadelphia Private Investigator Phil Allman begins an innocent, though questionable, dialogue with the pretty teen Marci Downes. Phil’s initial online “comments” of advice plunge into something deeper, as he descends into the abyss of forbidden love, put to the test when Marci is kidnapped.


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