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Title: 101 Soul Bytes: A Fun Spiritual Look at 101 Random Topics
Author: Sierra Roberts
This fun spiritual book will inform, entertain and inspire you all at once. There are 101 subjects, one per page, with subjects as diverse as aliens, soulmates, shopping malls and telepathy.
Title: The A to Z of Practical Wisdom: Wise Practical Ideas to Improve Your Life
Author: Sierra Roberts
Full of practical ideas to improve your life, The A to Z of Practical Wisdom blends life coaching and spirituality, making it an ideal book for those searching for guidance and inspiration in their lives
Title: Across the Plains in the Donner Party
Edited by Karen Zeinart
This tragic story of Virginia Reed's journey west is told through her memoirs of the twelve years old girl, with supplementary accounts based on her father's letters and the diary of another traveller.
Title: A Mother's Son
Author: J.E. de Sousa

Description: A profound and moving account of one man's struggle to find out who he is - and who he was - when he hears of the death of his mother.
Title: Bad Signs
Author: Jeanne Evans
A tongue-in-cheek guide to astrology that documents the legends behind each sign, including the heroes and villains in each story, most revolving around the Greek god, Zeus. Naturally, any portrayal of unpleasant traits attributed to the different signs are meant to depict other people’s nasty habits… not those of people such as you and I.
Title: Candy Connoisseurs' Encyclopedia
Authors: Lisa Scordino and Andrea Miminas
Do you like candy? Whatever your poison,be it gum, pops, sours or chocolate -- there's something for you in the Candy Connoisseurs’ Encyclopedia!
Title: Children of Now and Beyond: A New Generation
Authors: Effie Hadzis 
CHILDREN OF NOW AND BEYOND is a book geared to create an awareness of the influx of Indigo and Crystal Children being born in large numbers onto the planet since the 1980’s. They are a new generation of children with specific personality traits that will be the great transformers of this new humanity, acting as a bridge to a new form of consciousness. But only if we learn how to listen to them.
Title: Eleven Reasons Why Women Cheat
Author: Lynn Jeffcott
Eleven Reasons Why Women Cheat gives the reader an idea of the reasons why women are taking their sexuality into their own hands and openly talking about it. Dr. Debra Laino explores women’s most secretive behavior in this enlightening book.
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