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Title: Heroic Quest: An Optimist's Guide to Life
Author: Philip D Groom
Heroic Quest: An Optimist's Guide to Life delivers everything you need to get motivated and happy, all in one place. Easy to understand, easy to use and easy to read. Results guaranteed!
Title: It's Not the End of the World
Author: Cynthia MacGregor
It’s tough to be a teenager under any circumstances…and even tougher when your romance goes awry. But here’s a book that will be a good friend to any teen girl who finds herself in that position. Let It’s Not the End of the World guide you and help you through your break-up. It’s a friend indeed!
Title: Kohnny DeSilver FDA: Confessions of a Candy Cop
Author: bf oswald
From 1960 to 1964, the author was an investigator for the US Food and Drug Administration. His assignments were varied and seldom dull – and very different from the police work regularly portrayed by the media. His experiences are sometimes poignant, more often humorous, and always interesting and informative.
Title: Lucky Dog: The True Story of a Little Mexican Street Dog Who Goes International
Author: Christie Shary
The humorous, heart-warming and adventurous true story of love, friendship and survival, as only an endearing little Mexico City street dog named Lucky could tell it.
Title: The Man Who Fell From the Sky
Author: William Norris
Captain Alfred Lowenstein, Companion of the Bath, multi-millionaire, aviator and sportsman, friend of kings, maker and loser of fortunes, was going to his grave almost alone at the age of fifty-one. Here is the true story of the gaudy life and bizarre demise of 20's tycoon Alfred Lowenstein and the modern-day quest to solve the tantalizing mystery of his death.
Title: Meet...THE OddsMaker
Author: Ted Hasson
What happens when a psychotic billionaire, his treacherous wife and a nefarious pole-dancing paramour face off with Ted Hasson, a trusted financial facilitator in the insurance industry? A fast-paced, riveting exposé about what happens when you make enemies of the powerful with an agenda.
Title: Men
Author: Trish Dozier
Take a categorical dive into the world of relationships between men and women. From aggressor to actor, philosopher, narcissist, chick-guy and more, this book covers the whole spectrum of men!


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