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Title: My Charlie Brown Life: A Spiritual Autobiography
Author: Debi Staples

Description: As we go through life, we begin to ask questions such as "What is my purpose?" "Who is God?" "Is there life after death?" “My Charlie Brown Life” is a thought-provoking jaunt through one life that the author sees as ordinary, yet is anything but as she searches for answers to these questions and more.
Title: Off the Grid: Living Blind Without the Internet
Author: Robert Kingett
Journalist Robert Kingett accepts a dare: one that at first seems simple… to adapt to his blindness without the Internet. This account is a cozy diary of battling with an FM radio, hooking up a landline phone and the journey of adapting to a brand new way of living from someone who has never disconnected from the World Wide Web.
Title: Psychic Self-Defense and Protection - 2nd ed.
Author: John Culbertson
In Psychic Self-Defense and Protection, Shamanic practitioner and spiritual teacher John Culbertson teaches us that we live in a world of energy and, like it or not, psychic or energy attacks are part of that world. This book gives tips on how to protect yourself from daily negativity.
Title: THE RULES OF THE GAME: One Man's Fight Against an Unjust System
Author: Terry Amos and Nihar Suthar
Description: Terry Amos spent more than 17 years in jail after being falsely accused of rape. Follow his gut-wrenching story behind the scenes of the most dangerous prisons in America, all while he explores the rules of the game on socially unacceptable topics like rape, racism, and violence, but also inspiring subjects like friendship and truth.
Title: Self-Sabotage: How Sabotage Affects Your Daily Life
Author: Sierra Roberts

Description: This book features stories of people who have overcome sabotage behavior with the help of author and life coach Sierra Roberts.
Title: Snowbird
Author: William Norris

Description: Andrew Richard Barnes was the man who flew the very first shipment of cocaine for the Medellin Cartel into the United States, and continued the dangerous trade for almost a full decade. He became the target of a determined assassination attempt by the Panamanian dictator, Manuel Noriega - and lived to tell the tale.
Title: The Three Ds: Democracy, Divinity & Drama: An Essay on Gender & Destiny
Author: Bruce A. Burton
An indexed essay and reference text that spans 10,000 years in its study of Gender Balance and the Natural Law origins of Democracy, including the origins of language, writing, and the alphabet, Abraham's Bronze Age influence on the meaning of Divinity and THE BIBLE, and more.
Title: A Talent to Deceive: Who REALLY Killed the Lindberg Baby?
Author: William Norris
The kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindbergh's infant son has been a source of fascination for more than 70 years. Now, for the first time, William Norris delves into sources of information ignored by previous investigators and comes up with the identity of the true culprit.
Title: A Traveler's Greece: Exploring the History and Culture of Mainland Greece
Author: William Bonville
Explore the history and culture that made Greece what it was and is. Call it history on the hoof, your personal discovery of a whole new kind of travel experience.
Title: A Traveler's Highway to Heaven: Exploring the History & Culture of Northern Spain
Author: William J. Bonville
Salvation was the promise, and for the faithful the Way was - and remains - a Highway to Heaven. The history in this book focuses on the famed pilgrimage road, El Camino de Santiago, the Way of St. James.


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