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Title: Stop Smoking: Diary of a Quitter
Author: Shane Ward
This is a personal journey of the author’s experience of quitting cigarettes after smoking for twenty eight years. It will identify and guide you through the most common pitfalls of quitting as well as giving you weapons to beat the nicotine monster.
Title: A Traveler's Two Sicilies: Exploring the History & Culture of the Two Sicilies
Author: William Bonville
Travel at its best meets culture and its history first hand at street level on shoeleather. Take this book in hand. Use it to enjoy a unique travel experience.
Title: When I Thought I Was Good
Author: Wayne Salmi
The thought of flying consumed the young Scott, propelling him from a timid youngster to the man he became. Now as he looks back on the life he has led… fulfilling his dreams of being an airline pilot instead of choosing a more stable life with children… he is left with one of life’s most basic yet complex question – What if?
Title: WOMEN
Author: Trish Dozier
 WOMEN is an offshoot to its “sister” book MEN, offering up a counter-outlook to the categories that comprise this curious species.
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Title: Willful Misconduct
Author: William Norris
On January 30, 1974, the pilot of a Pan American World Airlines Boeing 707 jet carrying 101 passengers and crew flew his plane into the jungle instead of the airport at Pago Pago, Samoa. Although everyone on board survived the impact, 97 people perished in the ensuing fire. Four survived to tell of it.


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