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Title: Banshee [Hayton County Supernatural Bk 2]
Author: Margaret Marr
A banshee screams in the night, delivering a warning to four teenagers bent on uncovering what is going on in the mountains of Hayton County. Unnatural creatures roam the hills. If they don't back off, death may follow, leaving them shocked and bereft.
Title: Blasphemous (Torment Book 1)
Author: Will Molinar
Not all is well within the kingdom. Some insidious force is at work in the deepest levels of the castle and surrounding land, corrupting everything the people hold dear.
Title: Creature [Book 1 of the Hayton County Supernatural Series]
Author: Margaret Marr
Description: Strange things roam the mountains of Hayton County where tourists, and sometimes locals, go missing on a regular basis. Mandy and Abe risk danger to discover what’s going on, but exposing long buried secrets might not be in the best interest for two curious teenagers.
Title: Descendent (Torment Book 2)
Author: William Molinar
The battle with the northmen has been won and Prince Jason is now the king of the realm. While his sister Jacqueline loses herself to evil, Brahm takes a party of celestials into the netherworld to discover the ultimate plan of the enemy.
Title: Forbidden Wolf
Author: Margaret Marr

Description: Ramona and Abraels’s hunger for each other runs hot, but a present threat and an old enemy may rip them apart, before they can come to terms with their turbulent past and succumb to their deepest desires.
Title: Goddess Child I (Vampire Bible)
Author: Justin Lee
When the president of the United States finds a benevolent vampire in the Oval Office, she learns that a madman intends to bring about Hell on earth and install himself as king. Only by joining together can the human and immortal races hope to survive.
Title: Goddess Child II: Armegeddon (Vampire Bible)
Author: Justin Lee
The first prophecy has been fulfilled. The Goddess Child has been resurrected, the Black One has risen, and the vampires rule a nuclear wasteland. With the world in chaos and most of humanity living underground, Armageddon draws nigh… and an ancient being has taken notice… .
Title: Grave Keeper Series (Books 1 - 5)
Author: Margaret Marr
Description:All 4 Grave Keeper books together in one volume! Includes Dark of the Moon, Rage Against the Dying Light, Lucifer in Starlight, False Memories... and Chill of the Night, a never-before published 5th book in the Series!
ebook, paranormal, creeper
Title: Grave Keeper: Dark of the Moon
Margaret Marr
Description A war vet, EMT, and waitress rush against the clock to find a young woman before the Creepers steal her last breath.
Title: Grave Keeper: Rage Against the Dying Light
Margaret Marr
Description Billy returns to Hayton County and ends up in a dark place with bullet holes in his body. Once again it’s up to Rush to find the young man before the Creepers reach the grave where one of the victim’s relatives is buried.
Title: Grave Keeper: Lucifer in Starlight
Margaret Marr
Description Helena Page is kidnapped, Rush is blind, and Brody and Janie are their only hope for rescue from a disturbed captor and a haunted house that’s driving Helena mad.
Title: Hex Breaker
Authors: Stella Drexler
Wealthy club owner and convicted dark wizard Devin Rayne is sure someone is trying to kill him. Only his old friends, Quinn and Mondragon, Magicians for Hire, can help him find out who.
Title: In the Shadow of Sin
Authors: Margaret Marr
A Harley Davidson-riding ex-preacher joins forces with a local American Indian and a pretty bartender to fight an evil force taking over their town.
Title: Moon of Little Winter
Author: Margaret Marr
During January’s full moon, a murder was committed and covered up, spells were hastily cast to bind a witch to her final resting place, and two children were separated.
Title: Reveka's Return [Crimson Pursuit - Book 1]
Author: James S. Hoch
Astral vampire Reveka Tomescu returns to corporeal form as a flesh and blood master vampire, only to find herself pursued by a determined detective as well as by one of the deadliest of hunters—another vampire.
Title: Reveka's Revenge [Crimson Pursuit Bk 2]
Author: James S. Hoch
Reveka is still being hunted because of what she knows of the astral vampire world, and a deadly captor demands to have the secret of transference! Reveka reaches out for help from Seattle detective, Frank Norris.
Title: Shoe Marks
Author: Karen Vance Hammond
When Maggie Horton was murdered by her husband, she left her shoe marks, along with a broken heart. But there's one more thing she left behind... unfinished business.
Title: Those Who Walk Among Us
Authors: Margaret Marr
Description: Evil has turned Xaphan, a rogue angel, loose on earth for a short season. His assignment? To cause as much heartache and pain as he can. He's not here to win; he's here to have fun while meddling in other peoples' lives.
Title: The Turning of Nick Torok: A Paranormal Romance
Authors: D.B. Woodling
Description: What she will wear to prom and whether Tristan the babe-magnet-valedictorian – who just happens to have known Marie Antoinette intimately – will ask her to dance is the least of Celeste Torok’s problems. Deciding her twin brother’s immortality will change both their lives forever..
Title: Wolf Song
Author: velda Brotherton
When Olivia volunteers to work with TenderCare, an organization that supports the restoration of the gray wolf to Yellowstone Park, she becomes the target of a mysterious wolf killer.


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