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Title: 31 Affairs
Author: Trish Iavarone

Description: 31 Affairs is designed to turn you on, make you grab your mate and fill in the erotic blanks that each “affair” stimulates. Whether you need a recharge or a new sensual scenario, 31 Affairs will evoke a variety of emotions south of your border and quickly become your sexual bucket list.
Title: Astrid's Coast
Author: Ross Richdale
Astrid Stowell moves to Portland, Oregon to live with her grandfather after her mother dies. Intrique and tragedy mix as Astrid makes new friends and learns to love again.
Title: Beethoven's Immortal
Author: Jeff Fuell
For decades, people have wondered who the elusive woman that the inspiration for Beethoven's music is. Now, a young woman named Stephanie is about to go on an incredible adventure to find her place in history as the inspiration for the greatest composer to ever live.
Title: The Churchyard A Love Story
Author: Harvey Mendez and Young Edward Young
No one would expect Cassandra Crowley’s horrific car accident on a stormy Halloween night to happen in front of St. Anthony’s churchyard. Nor would they expect it to result in a love triangle.
Title: Dark Illusions
Author: Alayna Carew
A merciless warlord murders Kiku’s husband and destroys her fortress, plunging her into a life of sexual servitude in a silk-lined cell. In the harem, she fights the machinations of a love-struck eunuch intent upon transforming her into the whore the Nobunaga desires.
Title: Dark Secrets of the Heart
Author: Margaret Marr
Caught between the love of two men—one a rough country boy, the other a wild city boy—Anna’s life becomes endangered when someone follows Chris to his hideaway—someone with deadly vengeance in their heart—who will stop at nothing to take Anna out of the equation and hit Chris where it hurts the most.


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