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Romance 2
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Title: Family Obligations
Author: William Mays

Description: At age sixteen, George inadvertently kills a mob rival. Wanting a fresh start, he elopes with the love of his life, Kelly, but she soon abandons him. Twenty years later – when he has become a mob boss – she reappears. But does she still love him, or is she helping his enemies set him up as revenge for the mafia killing?
Title: Forbidden Wolf
Author: Margaret Marr

Description: Ramona and Abraels’s hunger for each other runs hot, but a present threat and an old enemy may rip them apart, before they can come to terms with their turbulent past and succumb to their deepest desires.
Title: For the Love of Ruby
Author: Sharon Kull
Detective Timothy Albright wasn't the least bit pleased to be assigned to a hit and run case. Worse yet, the prime suspect had twin toddlers whose diapers he was expected to change.
Title: The Guardians: Angels, Demons & Mortals (Vol. 1)
Author: Stacy Thowe
Tasked as Alexandria’s protector in perilous times, Guardian Angel Michael is torn between his heavenly world and Alexandria’s world, even as Cainan, now fallen from grace, exercises his powers to tempt Michael to the Underworld. Michael valiantly pursues his task despairing that he is unable to join Alexandria except as her protector.
Title: Glass Windows: Shattering the Barrier of Anorexia
[Benn Mac - Book 1]
Author: Dory Maust
A woman's quest for attention while paradoxically striving to remain invisible becomes the leading roll in her life. Can her soulmates's unrelenting love unlock the cure for Bianca's Anorexia, or will the eating disorder claim the ultimate victory?
Title: Living in a Book  [Going Home - Book 2]
Author: Chaya Benady
F16 fighter jets, air show squadrons, music videos, unlikely romances and occasional hilarity are tied together when Jewish lawyer Yigal Cohen falls for a beautiful opera singer. They find out that nothing was what it had seemed and every character is actually real. But they’ve never actually met.
Title: Love Happens
Author: Vince Nolan
Ramses El Djinn is a genie who falls in love with his master. But when he tells his bride what he is, he’s surprised to find out that she’s a witch. Neither of their fathers is happy with this mixed marriage. Can their love survive? Can wishes make things better…or worse?
Title: Moon of Little Winter
Author: Margaret Marr
On a cold winter night, twenty years ago, during January’s full moon, a murder was committed and covered up, spells were hastily cast to bind a witch to her final resting place, and two children were separated to protect them from their memories of that night.


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