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Title: Scent of the Roses (Oberon - Book 1)
Author: P.G. Forte
For years, Scout Patterson has tried to run from the mistakes in her past. Now Scout is going home to face the ghosts she has never laid to rest, and find the love she thought she’d lost forever.
Title: Sea Change [An Oberon Novella]
Author: P.G. Forte
Love is supposed to overcome any obstacles—that’s what Cara always thought. But when love alone is not enough to help her overcome the trauma in her past, she knows it’s time to get creative.
Title: Shannon's Land  (Bk 1)
Author: D.B. Woodling
Comanche Indians, rattlesnakes, coyotes, and mountain lions might scatter when confronted with a plainswoman’s Sharps carbine, but to a psychotic banker with a decade-old vendetta it’s just business as usual.
Title: Shannon's Revenge (Bk 2)
Author: D.B. Woodling
George Armstrong Custer believes the only good Indian is a dead one. The only thing he detests more than a Sioux warrior is a deserter. When his conviction affects someone Shannon loves, Custer’s planned slaughter of those he labels ‘savages’ is nothing compared to the revenge she has in store.
Title: The Shopping Cart People
Author: Anita Capri
A chance encounter with a past love forces thirty year-old Angel O’Leary to face her greatest challenge… and reveals a long-kept secret that could change her life forever…
Title: Stop, Don't Touch This House!
Author: Sharon Kull
When Ginny’s career revolves around taking care of homes while the owners are vacationing. But her newest client turns out to be an idiot who stays underfoot when his wedding trip is delayed…
Title: Sugar Cookie Moon
Author: Sharon Kull
When Spunky Henrietta Cooper is hired by an elderly wealthy man to pretend she's his nanny while Bud’s ulterior motive is to marry her off to his lawyer.
Title: A Sight to Dream Of (Oberon Bk 2)
Author: P.G. Forte
Sam Sterling is a man with problems. Including a partner who is trying to kill him, and a nosey reporter, who’s just turned up dead! It’s going to take a miracle to save him now. Or, better yet, an angel.


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