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Title: Till I Come Marching Home
Author: Elsan H. Stafford
   Scott Kilmeade backsteps through time and travels the now-ravaged cities of war-torn France - not only to rejoin the past and restore the vacant slate of his mind, but to recapture what at present remains a nagging fragment of one visionless memory: the certain knowledge that once, in a life not so long past, he had been deeply and irrevocably in love.
ebook, paranormal
Title: The Turning of Nick Torok: A Paranormal Romance
Authors: D.B. Woodling
Description: What she will wear to prom and whether Tristan the babe-magnet-valedictorian – who just happens to have known Marie Antoinette intimately – will ask her to dance is the least of Celeste Torok’s problems. Deciding her twin brother’s immortality will change both their lives forever.
Title: Vinni's Bed
Authors: bf oswald
Description: A sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant narrative that takes us through the life of a boy from the perils of his adolescent relationships into the complexity of his adult love affairs.


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