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Title: Sound of a Voice That is Still [Oberon Bk 3]
Author: P.G. Forte
Sometimes it seems like Spring will never come again. Sometimes the only alternative to living in inner darkness is death. In the depths of winter, Ryan and Siobhan will have to make a choice: to help each other heal, or die trying.
Title: The Spirit of the Place [Oberon Bk 6]
Author: P.G. Forte
Jasmine Quinn is far from happy about her mother’s latest folly: her upcoming wedding to former Wall Street financier, Sam Sterling. Sam’s assistant, Brandon Ablemarle, is also finding it hard to get into the holiday spirit, thanks in part to the fiery redhead with some of the goofiest ideas he’s ever heard of. What else can you expect from the daughter of a self-proclaimed psychic?
Title: Such Fleeting Pleasures [An Oberon Novella]
Author: P.G. Forte
   Dan and Lucy Cavanaugh have one of Oberon’s hottest marriages. But it wasn’t always strawberries and cream...or was it? In this Oberon prequel, we travel back in time to see how it all began and learn if one hot summer full of such fleeting pleasures can really last a lifetime.
Title: Terribly Twisted Tales: A Trilogy of Terror
Author: bf oswald
Three tales of six ill-starred lovers who pay for their passion with their lives in bizarre ways. One couple converses with the ghosts of the long dead and later haunts a Wal-Mart; one couple defies an old convention and drowns in a flood that never was; and one couple is overwhelmed by centuries-old dark forces who provide them with a night of terror they will not live to remember.
Title: Those Who Walk Among Us
Author: Margaret Marr
Evil has turned Xaphan, a rogue angel, loose on earth for a short season. His assignment? To cause as much heartache and pain as he can. He's not here to win; he's here to have fun while meddling in other peoples' lives.
Title: Till I Come Marching Home
Author: Elsan H. Stafford
   Scott Kilmeade backsteps through time and travels the now-ravaged cities of war-torn France - not only to rejoin the past and restore the vacant slate of his mind, but to recapture what at present remains a nagging fragment of one visionless memory: the certain knowledge that once, in a life not so long past, he had been deeply and irrevocably in love.


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