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Title: Alien Fringe
Author: George LoBuono
A novella about contact with aliens, plus stories about backpackers who tempt death in Asia, a dark-skinned beauty in a Java massage parlor, a redwood tree planter who has mystic insights high up on a wintery mountain, a tale of women's revenge, and more.
Title: Alien Psychology
Roderick MacDonald
Description: Who hasn't wondered what would happen if aliens were to visit our planet? MacDonald explores the thought processes of these extraterrestrials and how their visit could affect us.

Title: Beethoven's Immortal
Author: Jeff Fuell
For decades, people have wondered who the elusive woman that the inspiration for Beethoven's music is. Now, a young woman named Stephanie is about to go on an incredible adventure to find her place in history as the inspiration for the greatest composer to ever live.

Title: Beyond Infinity
Author: Ross Richdale
Brittany Forbes does not know that she is human, nor that she is carrying a transmitter that emits a signal to her ancestors and others that are racing to find her...


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