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Title: Chosen Too
Author: Alan J. Garner
A pride of giant prehistoric cats is mutated by an alien abductor and compelled to hunt the walking apes destined to evolve into humankind on the ancient East African savannah.
Title: Chosen Trilogy (Books 1 -3)
Author: Alan J. Garner
Take a journey from prehistoric times to far into the future with those who have been.

Book 1 - Chosen One  / Book 2 - Chosen Too / Book 3 - Three Times Chosen
Title: Earth [Death Chronicles Trilogy Book 1]
Author: Jon Zimmer
A beautiful hallucination named Angelica draws scientist Michael into a battle for the dominion of Earth. Dominic Dred has managed to leave a place where life continues after Earth, to return in an attempt to be its ruler. Can Angelica and Michael save Earth from Dred’s plan to become its deity?
Title: Earth Angel
Author: Jeff Fuell
When Brian Bradford meets the Devil and God in the same week, it's just the beginning of a transformation for him and his teenage daughter.
Title: Earth United
Author: Bryan K. Prosek
Young Jake Saunders witnesses the death of his uncle at the hands of the brutal leader of another planet in the Milky Way galaxy and spends the next eight years of his life preparing to seek revenge. But as Jake gets closer to the truth, he finds that the conspiracy runs deeper than he expected, and those involved will stop at nothing to silence him. And now Jake’s quest for revenge and justice could cost him the one person he truly loves, Diane Danielson.
Title: The First Misadventure of Fragger Sparks (Book 1)
Author: Steven Fisher
Sgt. 1st Class Jonathan "Fragger" Sparks has faced the toughest enemies on the planet from Vietnam to Desert Storm. The only problem is, he's no longer on present day Earth!
Title: Heartless: The Journey to Second Earth
Author: Frank D. Rogers
A research scientist, Charlene Watkins, gathers a crew of friends along with a death row inmate who strikes fear in all of their hearts – all in the name of discovery. Together they travel to a planet so similar to earth they deem it second earth. On their journey, some will find love, while all will find danger, allies and enemies in unexpected places.
Title: The Herbert Trilogy: H.G.W. Express
I.M. Tillerman
Description: When Butzy and Jude decipher the intricate cryptogram on the back of their father’s recently inherited grandfather clock, they discover that the magnificent, 19th century antique - called “Herbert” - is, in reality, a time machine.
Title: The Herbert Trilogy II - Pathways: A Quantum Adventure
I.M. Tillerman
Description: When sisters Butzy and Jude accidentally discover a wormhole to a parallel universe, they use Herbert, the antique grandfather clock, to travel through that “pathway” in order to save the life of their father’s childhood friend in the 1950’s.


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