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Title: The Herbert Trilogy III - The Disk: A Visit From Partner
I.M. Tillerman
Description: From their camouflaged tree house high in a grove of trees, two farm children accidentally witness the visitation of an apparent alien spacecraft. Fifty years later, the daughters of that farm boy, Butzy and Jude, become unwittingly entangled in the dangerous aftermath of that close encounter.
Title: Mind Split
Author: Ross Richdale
Madison Evans becomes a strange hybrid caught between two worlds when she is stung by a mysterious, alien bee.
Title: Milford Spitz and the Very Fast Machine
Author: James S. Hoch
Two pre-teen runaways team up with the school bully, only to learn that he has the coolest way for them to get away—a very fast machine that travels in space, dimensions and time.
Title: Norahs: The Alien's Caretaker
Sharon Kull
Description: Beverly is taking very good care of the unusual weeds that suddenly appeared in her backyard. She does not know that insect aliens from another planet are growing inside of them. Nor does she know of their intentions to annihilate all humans and take over Earth.
Title: The Second Misadventure of Fragger Sparks
Author: Steven Fisher
Fragger Sparks is back in action! Trapped on the jungle planet,Fragger has formed a ragtag bunch of soldiers and headhunters into the Jivaron Rangers to battle combined enemy space and ground forces more determined than ever to find the secret of his unique combat abilities... or destroy him.


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