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Title: Recycled Hero
Author: Robert Wayman
Busted-up soldier John Scully tries to regain control of his life by helping some stranded folks “From Away” to regain the safety of their home planet.
Title: Revisionist Future: Incursion of Shadows
Author: Lee Bumbicka
When writer Michael Schatten finds out that an antique typewriter he just purchased turns every story he writes into reality, he realizes that another typewriter like his is in the hands of a Russian terrorist seeking world domination. Now he has just one week to sabotage the Russian’s story before it becomes reality and destroys the world!
Title: The Third Misadventure of Fragger Sparks
Author: Steven Fisher
Escaping from his enemies on the jungle planet, Jivaro, the resilient Colonel "Fragger" Sparks enjoys the taste of freedom…for as long as the instant it takes to enter and exit hyperspace!
Title: Three Times Chosen
Author: Alan J. Garner
The future is flooded. Taking to the oceans to survive, a bio-engineered remnant of Man lives a primitive, yet harmonious, life undersea in the tropics. But the Cetari are not alone. Challenging them is the Piawro, a race of humanoidal amphibians jealous of the prosperous Merfolk.
Title: The Wormhole Effect (2nd ed.)
Author: Leonard Walker
Dr. Anna Markham and a brilliant team of physicists unwittingly discover a means to locate previously unknown disturbances in space-time. The technology leads them to the rescue of a fighter pilot  who plummets down a rogue wormhole in 1944 and emerges into the present day. When the pilot vanishes. Anna and a team of mercenaries attempt the impossible and infiltrate the most top-secret base in the world to rescue him
Title: Yellow Jacket: Crimefighter
Author: Harvey Mendez
An unassuming young pharmacist falls into a cave filled with deadly giant wasps. When he climbs out, he becomes Yellow Jacket, the Crimefighter, ready to right the evils of the world.


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