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Title: Lucky Dog: The True Story of a Little Mexican Street Dog Who Goes International
Author: Christie Shary
The humorous, heart-warming and adventurous true story of love, friendship and survival, as only an endearing little Mexico City street dog named Lucky could tell it.
Title: Sax on the Streets: Confessions of an American Street Musician in Europe
Author: Daniel Gordon
A first-hand perspective of the life of a street musician as he and his friend travel through Europe with only 2 saxophones to their name.
Title: A Traveler's Greece: Exploring the History and Culture of Mainland Greece
Author: William Bonville
Explore the history and culture that made Greece what it was and is. Call it history on the hoof, your personal discovery of a whole new kind of travel experience.
Title: A Traveler's Two Sicilies: Exploring the History and Culture of the Two Sicilies
Author: William Bonville
Here is a travel book that captures all that as a personal discovery, leading you step by step through one of the most fascinating experiences of a lifetime of travel.
Title: A Traveler's Highway to Heaven: Exploring the History and Culture of Northern Spain
Author: William Bonville
An exploration of what long tradition calls the Highway to Heaven, El Camino de Santiago. Come with us on a motor-walking junket guided by that highway across Northern Spain.


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