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Title: Across the Plains in the Donner Party
Edited by: Karen Zeinart
This tragic story of Virginia Reed's journey west is told through her memoirs of the twelve years old girl, with supplementary accounts based on her father's letters and the diary of another traveler.
Title: Clearwater
Bobby R. Woodall
Description: A small bank in the Indian Territory has just been robbed by a murderer who has recently escaped execution. The town springs in to action and quickly forms a posse consisting of the aged sheriff, a retired Pinkerton Operative, Indian scout, and the bank’s president.
Title: Jake Harwood: A Western
Harvey Mendez
Description: Ex-marshal Jake Harwood struggles with love and death after rescuing New Orleans beauty, Jessica Raymond in a stagecoach attack.
Title: LOBO: The Strange Life of William Jameson
Author: John H. Manhold

Description: From the Oregon Trail to England and New Orleans, William lives a very strange life...including time spent in Cheyenne captivity, falling for a Creole paramour, entering the Civil War and living through the Reconstruction Era.
MercersManorCvr Title: Mercer's Manor
Author: Bobby Woodall
Dan Mercer is an ex-Union officer trying to forge a new life for himself on Oklahoma's untamed plains.


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