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Title: Escape From McWrath Mansion
Author: Annie Nutt
Helen McWrath spurs bad luck wherever she goes, and she travels far. In this strange tale about luck, psychology, road trips and friendship, eleven year-old Liz Badlock’s necessary objective soon becomes clear…to escape from McWrath Mansion.
Title: The Fabulosa Friends
Author: HJ Taylor
Legend’s High is a school for those with extraordinary gifts. When a new boy with a haunting past enrolls in the school, he plans to steal what the six Fabulosa friends deem dear… their super powers... and he’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants.
Title: The Goatman
Author: Jeff Fuell
Danny Brent tells the story about his strange life and death adventure with his two best friends and how the Goatman saved his life.
Title: The Hexmistress's Apprentice
Authors: David Van Doorn
It’s London 1999, where Humans live side by side with fey Little People, magic is commonplace, and the steam engine represents the cutting edge of late Twentieth Century technology. In the coming new millennium, apprentice hexmistress Lily Weaver is the only person who can save the world from the Varmints…with some help from her little friends..
Title: It's Not the End of the World
Author: Cynthia MacGregor
It’s tough to be a teenager under any circumstances…and even tougher when your romance goes awry. But here’s a book that will be a good friend to any teen girl who finds herself in that position. Let It’s Not the End of the World guide you and help you through your break-up. It’s a friend indeed!
Title: Laurel and Delphinus Save the Florida Coral Reefs
Authors: Rhonda S. Edwards
No environmental mishap is too great for Laurel and Delphinus as they work with scientists and mythical entities! Their first rescue - the endangered Florida coral reefs.
Title: Moshe
Author: Andrew Montante
From Eden to the underworld, can a fallen tribe of humans find their way back to where they truly belong? Of course, their journey is fraught with obstacles: Sheol’s humanoid hybrids, evil spirits, titans, magic, and prophecy. Using mystical gems Moshe leads his clan through those challenges with humility, grace, bravery, and finally... love.


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