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Title: Mud, Muck and Myer (Merryvale Adventures - Book 3)
Author: Steven Fisher
Lorelei and Sarah return to Merryvale at the request of Merryvale (Merryvale is both a place and a person) to participate in the Extremely Steeplechase. Join them, Godolphin the magical horse, Mr. Quag Myer the mud-maker and Bark, the dog in the newest adventure in Merrvyale!
Title: Notes From Rainbow Bridge
Author: Beth Szillagyi
Rainbow Bridge is the tranquil place where animals go when their lives on earth are through. Chloe, who was a Samoyed dog during her last earthly adventure, has been assigned by her boss, Big Dog, to tell the humans all about it.
Title: Shoe Marks
Author: Karen Vance Hammond
When Maggie Horton was murdered by her husband, she left her shoe marks, along with a broken heart. But there's one more thing she left behind... unfinished business.
Title: The Turning of Nick Torok: A Paranormal Romance
Authors: D.B. Woodling
Description: What she will wear to prom and whether Tristan the babe-magnet-valedictorian – who just happens to have known Marie Antoinette intimately – will ask her to dance is the least of Celeste Torok’s problems. Deciding her twin brother’s immortality will change both their lives forever..
Title: Yellow Jacket
Author: Harvey Mendez
An unassuming young pharmacist falls into a cave filled with deadly giant wasps. When he climbs out, he becomes Yellow Jacket, the Crimefighter, ready to right the evils of the world


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