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Alan Zoldan

Just a perusal of the (literally) hundreds of jokes in this book had me laughing out loud, and that doesn’t happen so often with me. [I LAUGHED WHEN I WROTE IT] is really a fun book!!

~ Rabbi Jeff Hoffman


The huge bonus for readers of "518 of My Funniest Tweets", is that Author Alan Zoldan not only provides many laugh-out-loud funny lines, he also provides the reader with his keen insight, honesty, sharp wit, and a self-deprecating humor.

I admire Zoldan's observation skills: his capturing of everyday moments; processing the observation through his comedic filter, resulting in a tweets that makes you, either laugh out loud or shout "Oh come on now!" or "Why didn't I think of that!"

I thought I'd just dip into this gem every once in a while, but once I started reading Zoldan's tweets it was hard for me to stop reading. I ended up finishing the eBook over a couple of days. But good comedy and insight can and should be looked at over and over again. So, whenever I feel upset or depressed about my work day or the crazy world we live in, I re-read a few of Zoldan's tweets that I have highlighted on my computer screen. Within minutes, I am able to laugh again at the absurdity of our world and feel much better about things.

Thanks again, Mr. Zoldan, for keeping us all grounded in good humor.

~ Austin A. Frye, JD, MBA, CFP


First of all, I have to say that I loved the quips, witticisms and assorted sarcasm that the author put into every one of his tweets. It almost makes me wish I had Twitter.

This book definitely will put a smile on your face. His ability to make fun of himself and life in general is priceless. I like that he took the time to organize the quips into categories. That will make it much easier to find a particular quip, or to prepare a good list of “comebacks” for when I'm facing a situation in which I know I may need one. For example, those stupid work meetings, or family reunions.

The author should know that he has helped me immensely, in that he has given me another motto to live by: “I work well with others when they leave me the fuck alone!”

This book makes for great, light reading. Maybe even in the bathroom, when you really can't get into the novel... Short, quick reads, a few laughs and it doesn't really matter whether you pick up and read where you last left off, or turn to an entirely different page.

I'm looking forward to his next book. Hopefully, he has enough material for a sequel.

~ Sarah Weinisch


His jokes are well thought out, observant, and funny. Zoldan makes jokes out of a play on words, and then turns them around when you least expect it. He is a word slayer who takes you through a word maze with a rodeo at the end. Alan blends pop, cultural icons, and diction together with light speed. The book is concise yet makes for an entertaining ride.

~ Y. Parker


I LAUGHED WHEN I WROTE IT is honestly the BEST joke book I have found (and I have been looking!). As a dentist, I am always looking for jokes I can share to put my patients at ease in the dental chair . . . Because I read it on my Kindle, I highlight the jokes and go back to them with the "notes and bookmarks" tool. This book had so many usable jokes that I can't begin to count – more original and funny jokes than any book I have come across in a pretty long time. It is well worth the money and I guarantee anyone who downloads, picks it up, or hears a line from this book will enjoy it. ~ JLGY


Mr. Zoldan is a comedic force to contend with!

~ Alan Weinberg


I LAUGHED WHEN I WROTE IT me laugh out loud. At some points I even had tears in my eyes. Wonderfully written. Ingenious idea. Would definitely recommend!

~ NS 


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