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Karen Zeinart

Across the Plains in the Donner Party is a true account of the trials and tragedies several families faced on the trek to California. The Donner family and others began the journey in 1846 to find good land and better weather conditions in California, which at the time was still under Mexican authority. Using the diaries and notes from those who endured the hardships, Karen Zeinert has compiled a comprehensive account of what exactly happened during the long months in the wild, and raises old questions that are still being debated today.

I found Across the Plains a very detailed and accurate book. Karen has done her homework in research for this book, including some exciting photographs and artwork from the time. The story will pull you in; especially considering the events actually took place. One can truly appreciate modern travel and conveniences after reading about these brave people.

For those who enjoy tales of yesterday, I would recommend this book. In fact, I believe anyone who loves stories (especially true stories) to read Across the Plains.

~ Michael Bogert


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