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Rhonda Edwards

My name is Zione Pinckney. The title of the book I reviewed is Adora the Albino Alligator. The author is Rhonda S. Edwards. This book was published by SynergEbooks. The action takes place is a swamp. The main characters are Adora, Adora’s mother, Grandpa, and the grand-children. The problem is that Adora is in pain. I think anyone who loves animals should read this book because they would think “AWWW! This is so sad!” I couldn’t put the book down!

~ Zione Pinckney, fifth Grader at Eagle Nest Elementary School


My name is Taylor Gilbert and I am reviewing the book by Rhonda S. Edwards called, Adora the Albino Alligator. The book was published by Synergebooks in 2010. The setting takes place in a swamp and at a local zoo. The characters are believable because Adora could be real along with her brother and sister alligators. The problem in this book is that Adora must be taken to a local zoo. The problem is solved because when Adora is old enough, I think she will leave the zoo and go back to the wild. I liked this book because I learned something that I didn’t know. On a scale from 1-10, I would give this book a 10!

~ Taylor Gilbert, fifth grader at Eagle Nest Elementary


Hi, my name is Rhonda McQueen and I am reviewing Rhonda S. Edwards’ book, Adora the Albino Alligator. In the story a mother alligator has 40 baby gators, one of whom is Adora. Adora is different in that she is pretty and light colored. One day a grandfather and his granddaughters come to fish by a pond where Adora lives. As they are fishing, Adora has been sunbathing. As the sun begins to burn her, she lets out chirping cries which Grandfather hears. He follows the sounds, sees Adora, and makes his way to park rangers. Together with the rangers, Adora is taken to a local zoo. Here she gets fed and treated really well! I recommend this book to anyone. I also give it 5 stars!

~ Rhonda McQueen, fifth grader at Eagle Nest Elementary



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