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Joel Young

Poetry comes in many forms, each word stemming from the heart that moves the pen. Joel L. Young's American Lyricon is a work that truly has been drawn from the recesses of his inner being. His love, respect and understanding for America are felt with every dip of his pen and transferred onto the hearts of those who read his words.

Written from deposits that have been placed within his spirit by people, events and places he has encountered in his life, his words sting the conscience of our souls and demand our minds to remember, to cry, to laugh and to hope. He makes us see America at her best, America in her struggles, and feel the sorrows and joys of our fellow Countrymen, all bringing to fruition what America was yesterday, what America is today, and what America will be tomorrow. American Lyricon speaks forth the heart of America.

Whispers of the past, thoughts for the present and prayers for the future are the feelings etched in my heart after reading this work.

One phrase from Canadian Skyline will remain with me forever: "Whose mist is the breath of God!" Outstanding!

~ Shirley Johnson/Midwest Book Review


American Lyricon has something for everyone and touches on a wide variety of topics and feelings. It will draw out an appreciation for poetry in even the most unpoetic reader. At times romantic, historical, and patriotic, other times playful, folksy and whimsical, Joel Young's writings are thought-provoking, soul-searching, and entertaining.

American Lyricon is a wonderful book for every household, on every coffee table for all to enjoy.

~ Phyllis M. Payne


“American Lyricon spoke to my heart about America”

I have found that every book I have read has, in some way, changed my outlook on life. Some changes are small, like when Pat the Bunny made me realize my hidden affection for fuzzy things in pre-school. Other books have changed me in larger ways, like when I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings showed me the value of the human soul. American Lyricon by Joel Young has proven itself to belong to the latter category of life-changing novels.

~ Bryan


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