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Clinton Festa

Philosophy, wisdom, history - fantasy, paranormal, entertainment - these are two groups of words that are never put together when speaking about the literary world. Novels are separated by invisible barriers, allowing them to fall expertly into the categories of romance, suspense, YA, etc. Although there have been crossovers, where a romance is set in the paranormal world, or the historical figure comes to present day to have a few laughs, literary genres are still very individualized. However, when Ancient Canada came along, a world was opened up where the fantastical, mystical, paranormal, dramatic, historical, and entertaining all came together in a perfect blend by the hand of author, Clinton Festa.

There comes a time in every reviewer’s life when they come up against a book that is so large - not in pages, mind you, but in the scope and depth of the actual story - that the reviewer finds themselves on a true journey, constantly riveted and wondering what the next chapter will bring. This amazing novel spoke to me on so many levels that to do a ‘write-up’ in ‘so many words or less’ is an impossibility. But this novel is so grand and so interesting, that I am desperate to do my best.

This author has done an extraordinary job of putting together a story that is impossible to even guess at the conclusion. Lessons are taught - from what heroism really means, to the treatment of others less fortunate, to the power of the heart, to the love of two sisters who try desperately to make things right in a world full of wrongs. The discoveries of new places, artifacts, people, poisons - it never ends. This book is almost a museum of curiosities where each page is something new and undiscovered by the reading public.

A stunning book with charm, passion, thrills, characters that are truly fantastical and extraordinary, to say the least, and an all-out adventure that you won’t soon forget! And that is not an over-exaggeration. I was pleased and honored to be able to ‘spend time’ with this incredible author, and got the answers to some questions that many of our readers will want to know.

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