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Aspects of Love


Norma Jean Morris and Nola Morris Stam

The collaborative literary project of Norma Jean Morris and Nola Morris Stam, “Aspects of Love” is an anthology comprising nine different stories, each one of which illustrates an aspect of love.

A space pirate learns to love herself and change her life. A cursed woman is released by “true love.” A woman manufactured in a clone factory becomes truly human through selfless love. A newlywed couple finds love needs constant nurture. A hero-possessed car proves love is sweet. A disheartened dream caster learns love and faith need each other. A mother's love receives the ultimate challenge. The love of a friend can meet any challenge. And two broken hearts discover the mending power of the love of Christ.

Each short story is an exquisitely entertaining and deftly crafted gem with an underlying life-affirming, life-enhancing message. While highly and unreservedly recommended, especially for community library General Fiction Short Story collections, it should be noted for personal reading lists that “Aspects of Love” is also available in a digital book format.

~ James A Cox, Midwest Book Reviews


ASPECTS OF LOVE is a very great collection of very different stories woven together with the love theme. The stories were very original and engaging. Both writers have an unenforced, flowing writing style, nailing the characters.

~ Coralee Leu, Owner Puppet Players


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