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Paula Bates


Atlantean Echoes is a mystical love story entwined with ancient healing mysteries, passion, and despair. It explores the depths of abuse and the heights of forgiveness, and reminds us to surrender to our divine truths. This book is rich, raw and mysterious. Open to its wisdom!

~ Alexandra Folz, MSN, author of "Indigo's Bracelet"


In her book, Atlantean Echoes, Ms. Bates weaves the many layers of spirituality with human emotions and needs flawlessly, and with illuminating honesty and compassion. The twists and turns of the story are grounded by these human needs, anchoring the reader firmly in the reality of the story. The complexity of it comes into play when the imperative needs of the gods intertwine with human lives.

And all of this is played out in the dawn of Khem’s creation by the grace of the gods partnering with humankind. The shimmering beauty of the time and place is breathtakingly brought to life by the specific details of everyday life that evokes archetypal memories. The author's vision of Atlantis' seeding of its gift of human and god interaction into Khem, bringing us into our modern day via Egypt, is sheer genius: we all get the chance to integrate this splendid creation myth into our own individual spiritual lives.

What a gift Ms. Bates has given us! And fortunately for us, Ms. Bates gifts as a writer are superb. She has crafted a beautiful, well written story that crackles with intensity, color and light. The dynamic of feelings morphing into action moves the story right along. You won't want to put the book down. It is absolutely riveting!

~ Leanne Hoole, Academic Counselor


As with The Atlantean Legacy, Paula Bates again delights her audience with a peek into a pre-Pharoanic Egypt with the provocative Atlantean Echoes. Here the Atlantean diaspora unfolds in wondrous detail drawing us into a lush world of magic and intrigue. Spellbound in the midst of a fascinating and royal court, I did not want to story to end and cannot wait for the next installation.

~ Jennifer Combs, MS, Registered Nurse, and Reiki Master


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