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Paula Bates

As I read Paula Bates’ novel, The Atlantean Legacy, it resonated deep within me. I could feel the beauty of what is currently unfolding on many levels. The energy of her words creates a visual image within the mind of the reader which gives form to the cellular memory held deep within. As this energy awakens and takes form within the mind, we bring to conscious awareness that which has been unconscious, thus allowing us to now communicate and share with one another through a common experience – the book. As when Avatar came out and we were able to remember the beauty of our Universal Connection through the visual representation of the ceremonies and celebrations, The Atlantean Legacy will offer the same opportunity for connection, both inside and out.

~Amy Camie
Harpist, Recording Artist, Founder of the Scientific Arts Foundation


What a delightful, sensual, colorful, fun, exciting tale Ms. Bates has woven here. The descriptions of her Atlantis are masterfully vivid, and I so enjoyed getting to know Akana. The book gave me chills a couple of would make a great movie with action and depth – all the romance and spiritual phenomenon that women love especially. Makes me want to visit Atlantis myself and visit the Spiral of Space and Time.

The book is full of light and love. It is an ideal feel-good novel with mysterious twists and visions that probably do come from some other world in space and time.

~ Dr. Susan R., PhD, professor of Psychology


“A gripping story about a place wreathed in myth, mystery and debate, the fabled Atlantis comes alive in this tale of adventure, destiny, and human longing. Told through the eyes a young woman who inhabits this long-ago world, The Atlantean Legacy brings life and substance to a place I have always wondered and dreamed about. The descriptions of Atlantis, its inhabitants, and the events in this story held my rapt attention and fired my imagination. Exquisitely told, beautifully described, this book will hold a favorite place on my list of books read! I look forward to more stories from Paula Bates!”

~ Carolyn Rogers Richard, artist and real estate agent


The story pulled me in and I didn’t want to leave. So much information on Atlantis and so much familiarity. I wonder how many other people will feel the closeness to The Atlantean Legacy. More please, tell us more! When is the next book coming?

~ Sue Collins, Dietician and Massage Therapist


I found Atlantean Legacy written by Paula Bates difficult to put down once I began reading. Bates’ development of each character created a personal relationship between them and the reader. I found myself wrapped up in Akana’s life within the story and I found myself sharing the same emotions she felt. Bates skillfully developed a believable setting for Atlantis within her book. Through her energetic writing, I found myself living in this world. Bates’ thorough research of the mythical Atlantis aided her in developing the first book in a series which will be eagerly awaited by her readership.

~ Rhonda S. Edwards, Author


In THE ATLANTEAN LEGACY, author Paula Bates speculates about what might have happened to the legendary city of Atlantis (or at least what caused it to sink into the ocean). The story is told in such rich, believable detail that it’s easy to believe that this city might have once existed. 

THE ATLANTEAN LEGACY drives home the point that we must look to the past and learn from it or be destined to make the same mistakes over and over. Instead, the government of Atlantis refuses to acknowledge its role in the breakdown of the system, which eventually results in its destruction. Perfect peace seems to be the answer that the author seeks to get across—a beautiful sentiment that’s made impossible by the existence of those who want anything but peace (whoever you perceive them to be). 

Beautifully written, with only minimal preaching, THE ATLANTEAN LEGACY comes alive to capture your rapt attention as you follow the life of Akana – a strong and beautiful woman who changes the course of history. I did not expect to be in tears by the end of this book, but it touched my heart enough to make me feel the loss of a great city and its people. 

If you’re as fascinated by the mysterious city of Atlantis as I am, THE ATLANTEAN LEGACY is a must-read. 


~ Margaret Marr,


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