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Betty Sullivan La Pierre

5.0 out of 5 stars!

Tom Casey and his wife Jennifer were eagle watching for young hatchlings and Jen spotted some and got out the 4x4 for a closer look but the nest was empty so they returned to the truck and drove a quarter of a mile to the next, but this time they both got out and looked and thought they heard a woman's scream only to discover it was wild peacocks! They laughed at each other than Jennifer thought she heard "run baby, run!" She and Tom decided to return to their home and get their Polaris which was much better than the 4x4 and this time, she made sure to grab her fanny pack that held her gun and bullets!

Private Investigator, Tom Casey steered the Polaris through paths and over grown grass to see if Jennifer was correct that someone was in trouble. Jennifer tapped him on the shoulder and yelled that a dog was trying to get their attention. Once they got off the RTV, the dog barked and raced away then looked to see if they were coming. They followed the dog as quickly as they could without tripping over fallen tree branches to see a young had wedged her ankle and that it was pretty swollen so Tom scooped her up and carried her to the ATV and sat her behind the driver seat while Jennifer got on after her and off they went with the dog keeping close to her mistress. Once they got home, they discovered the girl was mute and she wrote out that two men had broken into her parents’ home and held a gun on them...

WOW! Talk about fast paced action and on the edge of your seat suspense, book number 15 is it! Tom only wanted to her a mute girl and ends up on a search for two bank robbers that lead him and the law on a merry chase.

~ Linda Bass


Hawkman's back. He's hot on the trail of bad guys in the fun read Broken Silence by talented author Betty Sullivan La Pierre. Join him and his other friends in a new exciting adventure filled with suspense and intrigue. Realistic characters on both sides of the law will keep you reading.

Hawkman's love of bird-watching leads him to a child in danger. She is no weepy weakling when she takes off to rescue her mother alone, an act that puts her in further danger herself.

The chase is on. With the aid of the child's dog, Hawkman and friends set out to follow the girl who has found her mother's trail. The men learn the child and dog that has found her by going ahead of the men are traveling with her mother and two men.

You'll get to see the areas they travel through by the well written descriptions and feel as though you are sleeping in the back of an old truck and eating cold food from tin cans.

I'm pleased to highly recommend this well-crafted story to any mystery fan. Once you meet Hawkman, he'll become a new favorite old friend. You'll be looking for his other books to follow his crime solving adventures.

Enjoy. I always do. 

~ Anne K. Edwards


When Private Investigator Tom Casey (a.k.a. Hawkman) and his wife, Jennifer, go out to watch Bald Eagles in their nests back up in the hills, they don’t expect to hear a scream or find a mute girl called Barbara Ann “Babs” Jones, with a sprained ankle, and her dog. Hawkman soon finds out that the girl’s mother, Annie, has been kidnapped by a couple of bank robbers, who needed a vehicle and a hostage, desperate to get out of the mountains and home free with their haul. Anxious to find her mother, Babs sneaks out of the house with her dog, Lucy, and heads out to locate her mother, only to wind up a hostage herself. Now, Babs and Annie must use all of their wits to outsmart their captors and make it out of the hills alive.

Hawkman, along with Detective Bud Chandler, conduct a major search for the missing girl and woman, fighting their way through treacherous terrain, hoping to catch up to them before the bank robbers decide they no longer need hostages, and something dire happens to them. Hawkman soon learns there are mysterious people in the mountains who have secrets—secrets that could help, but can he trust them?

Though I wasn’t quite sure why the bank robbers ended up in the mountains without a vehicle and suddenly needed a hostage (because they had both right after they robbed the bank, but let the hostage go down the road), Broken Silence kept me entertained and intrigued right up to the end. I could hardly wait to get back to it each night to see what else happens.

Hawkman is his usual kind, caring, tough self, determined to help someone in dreadful need. He uses all his skills and training, from when he was with the Agency, to tackle big problems, and he doesn’t quit. Ever. A great guy to have on your side if you’re ever in trouble.

Babs is a tough, little girl who’s had a rough life, but handles it well. She’s strong and determined, both things a plus for the predicament she finds herself in. Annie is a smart, admirable character who took no flack from the robbers. I liked her tremendously.

Broken Silence is a clean, suspenseful read, filled with harrowing moments that’ll keep you on the edge, and reluctant to close the book for the night. Come join me in Hawkman’s world, and see what you’ve been missing.

~ Margaret Marr, Author


It was like reuniting with old friends to read the latest Hawkman Adventure, Broken Silence. The characters feel fully developed and comfortable in their own skins, no trace of them being figments of the author's imagination. I truly feel that if I journeyed to Copco Lake, I could march right up to The Caseys’ door and introduce myself and they'd let me in and we could either share a hot cup of coffee or a gin and tonic (depending on the time of day). After all, this is the bond that a reader of a series and the characters develop.

I was transported to that wilderness territory and shared the ordeal that Babs and Annie endured and I came away knowing a lot more about what skills and knowledge are required to survive in such circumstances.

I also was intrigued about the information about eagles nesting habits that opened the book.

If this is your first exposure to Tom and Jennifer Casey and The Hawkman Series, enjoy it, and then do yourself a favor and journey back over the previous 14 volumes. A trip well worth taking!

~ E.M. Jalph


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